Opposition to satellite camps 'hilarious and ridiculous'


Jim Harbaugh is going on a barnstorming tour with satellite camps, and all of a sudden the sky is falling. James Franklin plans to attend a camp in Georgia, and it’s the end of the recruiting world.

Here we go -- again -- at more overreaction and sour grapes from the ACC and SEC.

This issue first popped up last season, and Adam Rittenberg labeled it a “hilarious attempt” by the SEC to stop Franklin. (Read his take on the topic last year; it is hilarious.) Now, it’s more of the same: Alabama coach Nick Saban recently called the practice “ridiculous,” while ACC commissioner John Swofford said he’ll continue to “push for a national rule that prohibits it.”

Thank goodness for those two college football watchdogs, who are out to protect … wait a second, who does this hurt again? Well, it’s certainly not the high school athletes who get more visibility, or their families who now won’t have to find a (costly) way to get to Michigan or Pennsylvania. It’s not the schools doing the hosting since they’re getting more exposure. And it’s certainly not U-M and PSU, who are able to do more scouting and make inroads in other states.

Oh yeah, satellite camps just so happen to hurt the programs and conferences who oppose them. What a coincidence.

Take it away, Dan Wolken:

In an industry that has spent the past few years trying to slim down the rulebook and untangle regulations on things that don't really need to be regulated, we're suddenly going to start making more rules to target something that doesn't hurt anyone?

In an environment where the focus has allegedly shifted toward what schools and the NCAA can do to improve the experience of the student-athlete, we're going to gnash our legislative teeth over something that amounts to a minor inconvenience at most for SEC coaches who make $4 million a year?

Sorry, but this is ridiculous.

Still, this is now something that will be examined by the NCAA’s football oversight committee. The fact it’s gotten this far and angered so many people?

Hilarious and ridiculous.