What will be discussed at the Pac-12's spring meetings?


PHOENIX -- Pac-12 and Big 12 football and basketball coaches and athletic directors will descend into the salt mines Tuesday and Wednesday -- or spend some time at the luxurious Arizona Biltmore Resort Hotel -- to chat about their revenue sports largess and a variety of other topics, including the College Football Playoff, bowl games, officiating and budding NCAA rules changes.

While the event won't generate much newsy speculation, as it did back when expansion roulette and potential playoff scenarios were hot topics, the landscape of major college sports has one predictable element -- change. So there will be an element of "What's next?" as usual.

Top items on the football agenda are:

  • Review of Pac-12 Championship Game, Bowl Games and CFP

  • Introduction of new VP of Officiating, David Coleman

  • Minority Coaches Forum

  • Instant Replay

  • Rule changes/updates

  • Presentations by Pac-12 television partners

One central topic, though perhaps more with the athletic directors, figures to be the new "cost of attendance" scholarships, which were passed in January at the NCAA's annual convention. That was the most noteworthy student-athlete reform act of the Power 5 conferences using their newfound autonomy, but the implementation of the measure could be interesting because it won't be a uniform number from conference to conference and from school to school.

On the basketball agenda:

  • Review of Pac-12 Tournament

  • Discussion of NCAA proposed rule changes

  • NCAA VP of Basketball Championships, Dan Gavitt, to address coaches

  • Scheduling

  • Presentations by Pac-12 television partners

  • Reports by coaches on various NCAA and NABC committees

  • Report from Bobby Dibler on officiating

While the Big 12 coaches and athletic directors will have more to grouse about -- namely their conference getting stiffed in the inaugural College Football Playoff -- the Pac-12 coaches won't arrive in Phoenix with too many complaints.

Yet while the present is pretty rosy, there are potential clouds on the horizon, with the Big Ten and SEC poised to eclipse the Pac-12 in terms of overall revenue, as explained in this series by Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News.

From his tabulations:

"So if you’re scoring at home, we have these projections for TV-related revenue for 2017-18, on a per-school basis:

SEC: $35.6 million

Big Ten: $33 million

Pac-12: $22.95 million"

Those estimated numbers do and will concern the ADs. They might have some tough questions for Scott, particularly with how things are going with the Pac-12 Networks. It's unlikely that Scott will be able to pull a rabbit out of his hat this week on that one.

Going forward, however, it will be interesting to see if the smiles that have stretched across Pac-12 faces since expansion start to crack a bit.