Elijah Qualls TweetChat

ESPN 300 DT Elijah Qualls is one of Washington's most passionate commits. So we gave UW fans a chance to ask the future Husky questions on Twitter @HuskyNationESPN and you guys delivered with some great questions. Here are five of our favorites, which we passed on to Qualls to get his answers. In the process, you helped get him to sign up for Twitter. Follow Qualls @EQtheUWprophet.

@biggeazy206: Elijah, what do you feel are your strengths? What do you think you still have to work on?

Elijah Qualls: “My strength is my explosive power, my low center of gravity and my determination. I need to work on everything, but mostly my hands and technique that coach (Tosh) Lupoi wants me to play with.”

@GO_DAWGS_UW: Please ask him to get on twitter. He has a ton of fans.

Qualls: “OK. I will look into it.” (Editor's note: Qualls signed up for Twitter after answering these questions. Follow him @EQtheUWProphet)

@GoDawgsNF: For Qualls/Tosh 2.0. When was the first time that Tosh reached out to you? and what is the most unique thing he did in recruiting you?

Qualls: “He reached out to me last January on Facebook and we built a strong relationship from Day 1. I visited UW one month after me and Tosh started building our relationship. At that time, I knew that is where I want to play.

“The most unique thing Tosh did was make a video wearing a husky uniform and helmet and my jersey, telling me the Dawgs wanted me and were ready for me to join the program. The video got me fired up, and it showed me how bad they wanted me.”

@lukecamper480: Elijah, I absolutely love your leadership and your attitude. I just know you will be a defensive captain someday soon.

Qualls: "I love the Husky Nation. I'm 220% all Dawg. Can't wait till I get up to UW and help build this thing into the power that it once was. We're gonna be doing some big, big things in the next four-five years and I can't wait to see how the Husky Nation responds.”

@bigeazy206: Elijah, how have you prepared yourself mentally and physically for the life of a UW Husky fball player?

Qualls: “Living my life. All the pressures I have had on me. Everything I have experienced growing up. All the responsibilities I have had over the years growing up. Physically, my coaches at Casa Grande have helped prepare me on the field and in the weight room.”