Dallas Cowboys uniforms check in at No. 6


IRVING, Texas -- The Dallas Cowboys' uniform is among the most iconic in sports and according to ESPN athletics aesthetics expert Paul Lukas is the sixth best in the NFL.

Lukas has the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers ahead of the Cowboys in the uniform race.

The biggest complaint I receive among fans is the blue pants. Yes, blue, not silver. The Cowboys will not be altering the color even if high-definition has amplified the blue instead of the silver. I also like the blue jersey even though the Cowboys wear it sparingly.

With the rules changes on throwbacks regarding helmets, the Cowboys have worn their blue jerseys at home on Thanksgiving the last two years. With concerns over concussions, the NFL does not allow teams to wear different helmets during the course of the season, so the throwback jersey has been thrown out.

I’ve always been surprised the Cowboys have not come up with an alternative third jersey that matches the helmet. Given the marketing power of the Cowboys where everything sells, a third jersey would be a huge moneymaker.

If the Cowboys ever went to a third jersey, would you be OK with a silver look?