Will the Cowboys be players today?

There are some big name players on the free agent market and with this being an uncapped season, the Cowboys could become major players.

With Dallas finishing among the final eight playoff teams this year, it limits what they can do.

Here's the official rule on what the final eight teams can do according to the NFL: "In an uncapped 2010 season, those eight clubs can sign unrestricted free agents. (Note: For all “Final Eight” teams, the unrestricted free agents signed to replace their own lost unrestricted free agents cannot exceed the first year salary of the player lost with limitations on the per year increases.)

So, for the Cowboys that means one unrestricted free agent for $5.5 million or more in Year One of contract plus the same number of Cowboys unrestricted free agents who sign with other clubs, any unrestricted free agent for less than $3.7 million in Year One of contract with limitations on per season increases.

"There’s a lot more restrictions on the top four teams than there are on the top eight," Jerry Jones said last week. "There's a lot more meat, a lot less flexibility on the top four teams than there are on the top eight. Again, without getting into the details of it, we can operate within the budget we have with the Cowboys. We do have a budget. We can operate within that budget and do whatever we want to do."