Jerry Jones does it right with Ring class

August, 19, 2011
ARLINGTON, Texas -- For so many Cowboys fans, the Ring of Honor has been a source of consternation since Jerry Jones became a one-man welcoming committee.

The anger and frustration should stop, at least for a little while, now that Jerry has said Drew Pearson, Charles Haley and Larry Allen will be joining the club’s esteemed Ring in November.

Drew Pearson describes the events leading up to his invite into the Cowboys' Ring of Honor.

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Jerry nailed this one.

He pulled Pearson from the Tom Landry-Tex Schramm Cowboys, Haley from the Jimmy Johnson Cowboys and Allen from post-Jimmy Era.


Sure, there will be some folks grumbling that Harvey Martin or Cornell Green or Charlie Waters aren’t in the Ring of Honor, and that’s fine. You can’t please everyone.

You shouldn’t even try because someone is always going to be upset.

With this Ring of Honor class, Jerry demonstrated a change in philosophy, though for some reason he refused to acknowledge it.

In the past, Jerry has wanted to keep the Ring of Honor exclusive by admitting only those players who were in the Hall of Fame. Frankly, that’s a ridiculously, high standard.

A franchise shouldn’t just honor it’s greatest players, it should honor players who impacted their franchise and left a legacy -- even if they aren’t among the greatest players to ever play.

That said, Jerry acknowledged that he hoped having Haley in the Ring of Honor might provide enough of a boost to get him in the Hall of Fame. Allen, the greatest linemen to ever play for the Cowboys, should join Rayfield Wright in the Hall of Fame as soon as he’s eligible.

But we all know Hall of Fame voting is a tricky thing. It’s completely subjective and every voter has an agenda.

Putting Haley and Allen in the Ring of Honor eliminates the argument that wonders how a player can be worthy of the Hall of Fame, when he’s not good enough to get into the Ring of Honor.

“Charles Haley has five Super Bowl rings and he won three with the Cowboys,” Jerry said. “I hope the sixth ring he gets is a Hall of Fame ring now that we have you in the Ring of Honor.”

Someday soon, Haley and Allen will be enshrined into the Hall of Fame, and being a member of the Ring of Honor can only help. For Pearson, it's an honor long overdue.

And for Jerry, it's a job well done.
Jean-Jacques Taylor joined in August 2011. A native of Dallas, Taylor spent the past 20 years writing for The Dallas Morning News, where he covered high schools sports, the Texas Rangers and spent 11 seasons covering the Dallas Cowboys before becoming a general columnist in 2006.



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