Tony Romo was Tony Romo vs. Giants

IRVING, Texas – Tony Romo was sacked only twice in Wednesday’s season-opening win against the New York Giants, but it wasn’t like he was playing in a bubble.

Romo was forced to make plays with his feet and he excelled.

He spun away from an unblocked blitzing Keith Rivers on one play. He was able to skirt away from Jason Pierre-Paul on Kevin Ogletree's first touchdown catch and Osi Umenyiora on Ogletree’s second TD grab. He scrambled for a 9-yard gain on a drive that ended in a Dan Bailey field goal. On the game-clinching drive that ended in Miles Austin's touchdown, he eluded Rocky Bernard and hit Austin for a 10-yard pick up.

In other words, Wednesday was a lot of Romo being Romo.

“Yeah, he’s done that for a long, long time,” coach Jason Garrett said. “One of the challenges we have as a coach is to not take the Romo out of Romo as we’re refining him. I think Wade Wilson does a great job with that – understanding the balance of those two things.

"I think if you look at Tony technically and the improvement he’s made over the last five years, his drops are better, his care of the ball is better, all of those things. I think he’s a different player fundamentally from the technique standpoint that way. Having said that, we haven’t hopefully taken the Romo out of him, to let him use his instincts, his feel, his vision of the game. I think a lot of that was on display.”