Tony Romo's resiliency off charts

IRVING, Texas -- While some wondered whether Tony Romo's psyche would be broken after his fourth-quarter interception that led to the Dallas Cowboys' loss to the Denver Broncos, teammates and coaches knew better.

"That's one of the greatest traits he has as a player," tight end Jason Witten said of Romo's resiliency. "He's as composed as anyone I've ever been around. Unfortunately, like most good quarterbacks, they found themselves in this situation before. He really doesn't blink at it. I commend him a lot for how he handles himself and makes a lot of plays in this offense. We go as he goes. He has great mental toughness and composure to move forward. A lot of times as professional athletes, you think those are some of the mentally tough people you know. I think he exemplifies it every time he goes out there, every day. This week was no different. He got back in there, took charge and really makes a lot of plays to give us a chance."

Romo was no different as he addressed the media Thursday. He did not even want to talk about whether his 506-yard, five-touchdown performance was the best of his career.

"You want to be able to play games over and over again where you play at a high level," Romo said. "That is the goal."

Perhaps Romo has had too much practice being resilient, but coach Jason Garrett trusts the quarterback will be fine Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

"This league is not easy," Garrett said. "When you break the huddle, there is a good guy across from you and you have to be good, and you have to be your best to have success, and they're going to have success. They get paid, too. That's the old expression. When you're playing the quarterback position, you're going to have good games and you're going to have good plays and you have to build on those, and you're going to have some things that don't go your way and you just have to keep coming. Tony knows that better than anybody else. He's played this position for a long, long time and I think he does that really well, both in the game and from game to game."

The disappointment of the loss to the Broncos is gone. Since Monday, Romo has moved on to the Redskins.

"There are 16 games, and if you don't let it go, it doesn't help the football team win the next game," Romo said. "It always is, 'What you can do from now on?' … You have to take that approach."