Martez Wilson fired up to see Raiders

IRVING, Texas – Eight days ago Martez Wilson was a member of the Oakland Raiders. In one of his first official acts as a member of the Dallas Cowboys, he will play against the Raiders.

“Oh yeah, that matters,” the linebacker said. “It adds a lot of aggression toward my play when I do play against them. Also it’s going to put a fire behind me because I know they released me. I know they’d seen my talent, but I don’t know why they released me, so I get to show it against them.”

Wilson will have two practices to get ready for the Raiders, which he said would be enough.

“See the ball, get the ball,” he said. “See the ball and react. Run to the ball.”

Wilson played in three games for the Raiders but did not make a tackle. In four games for the New Orleans Saints, he had four tackles and a sack for the defense run by former Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

“He was just always like up and after it,” Wilson said. “He was a rah-rah guy. He always had the energy. He was just ready to go.”

Monte Kiffin is Wilson’s third defensive coordinator of the season.

“I wouldn't say unlearn but expanding your learning because I've been learning a new defense since my junior year in college every year and you just put all the knowledge together,” Wilson said. “Sometimes it’s the same thing but just different terminology to where they maybe have some small rule change. Honestly, it makes me a smarter football player.”