Twitter mailbag: Matt Forte for the short term would be good

IRVING, Texas -- The Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

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@toddarcher: Since I can't see Lance Dunbar getting anything more than a one-year, make-good deal coming off a knee injury in 2015, there is no comparison between the money he and Forte will get. Forte is a proven 1,000-yard back and Dunbar, well, isn't. But he has value to the Cowboys provided he's healthy. I'd be OK with the Cowboys going after Forte. Would something like two years, $11 million work? There will be other teams coming after him too. Many mention the New England Patriots as a possibility. They've done well with veteran backs over the years from Antowain Smith to Corey Dillon. The Cowboys should be attractive to Forte -- and any free-agent back, really -- because of the offensive line. Would that be a big enough lure? Well, it will always come down to cash.

@toddarcher: Bill Barnwell put adding Morris in his list of moves the Cowboys should make in the offseason. I don't hate it, but I can't say I like it either. Morris' stats have declined every year he has been in the league. Now, I didn't expect him to keep up the 1,600-yard pace he showed as a rookie but he only reached 751 yards last year. Is that all his fault? No, but he didn't look like the same back. I'd rather have Forte on a short-term deal at this point than Morris. Last year the Cowboys showed they were not going to go overboard for a back they loved and knew in DeMarco Murray. I have a difficult time seeing them going overboard for a runner they don't know and might not love. If they do, then that would be acknowledging the mistake they made last year in letting Murray walk.

@toddarcher: I'd go with Jack Crawford, while some might say Morris Claiborne. Talent-wise, Claiborne would be the better choice and he plays a premium position. Crawford would be a rotation player. But Claiborne has missed on average six games a year in his first four years. Reliability is an asset and that's one reason I think the Cowboys should keep Brandon Carr (at a lower price) more than Claiborne. Crawford could be one of those players who gets a surprisingly good deal. Remember, teams will have a ton to spend. As for Kyle Wilber, I would bring him back. He's a valuable special-teams' piece and he can play multiple positions. Is he a star? No, but he's a solid player who can do a lot of things on a 53-man roster.