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Scout's Eye: Cowboys-Texans review

September, 28, 2010
This week Scout’s Eye wanted to focus in on a couple plays that were positive for the Cowboys against the Texans and one that was not.

Scout's Eye
Wide receiver Roy Williams was brought to the squad by Jerry Jones to be a difference maker for the Cowboys’ offense and he was against the Texans on Sunday with two big touchdowns in the 27-13 win. On Williams’ second touchdown of the day, it appears that offensive coordinator Jason Garrett had called for a draw play on second-and -10 from the Dallas 37. What Romo and Williams did was far from run that draw.

Williams lined up far right in the formation in the personnel grouping of two tight ends and one back. Tight end Jason Witten was in the backfield with Marion Barber and motions right to left, remaining in the backfield. As the ball is snapped, tackle Marc Colombo fans to the outside trying to work his man up the field. Center Andre Gurode works to the second level and is already three yards down the field and could have easily been called for illegal man downfield. The offensive line and Barber are setting up for the draw but Romo and Williams “sight adjust” when Romo sees Texans safety Eugene Wilson in the middle of the field and no way able to adjust to have to cover Williams from his alignment.

[+] EnlargeRoy Williams
Bob Levey/Getty ImagesRoy Williams had his best day as a Cowboy on Sunday with five catches for 117 yards and two touchdowns.
Romo takes the snap, rises up and fires the ball to Williams, who has defeated cornerback Kareem Jackson to the inside as Jackson stumbles and is unable to recover. The pass is a little behind Williams as he adjusts on the move. The play happens so fast that Wilson from the center of the field doesn’t even move as Williams is off to the races with the ball in hand.

On Monday morning, Texans coach Gary Kubiak commented that Jackson thought that he was to get some safety help inside from Wilson but none was there. The play results in a touchdown and was just another example of what a huge game that Williams had in the win, but also how Romo was in total command of not only the execution of the game plan but the mental side of it as well.

*In the days leading up to the game with the Texans, Wade Phillips knew that his defense was going to have their hands full trying to slow down a Texans offense that was ranked first in the NFL through the first two weeks of the season. The Texans’ ability to run the football and the skill they also had on the outside made for a great challenge.

The Cowboys defense did rise to the challenge and was able to force the Texans into two field goal situations when the offense managed to get inside the 10-yard line.

The goal-line stand that I’ll break down happened with 14:05 left in the fourth quarter with the Cowboys holding onto a 17-3 lead. To even get in this situation, you have to give safety Gerald Sensabaugh a ton of credit because without his touchdown saving tackle on Texans tight end Owen Daniels, the Cowboys would be protecting a seven-point lead.

Let’s go through the plays that led to the stand.

On first-and-goal from the 1, the Texans try to run Arian Foster to the right behind Eric Winston, Joel Dreessen and Andre Johnson, who has come in motion from left to right. Anthony Spencer, who had a quiet game until that point, swims Dreessen, meets Foster with help from rookie safety Barry Church and Keith Brooking filling from the inside.

Second-and-goal from the 1, same formation for the Texans but this time, no motion from Johnson to the right. The ball once again goes to Foster moving to his right, fullback Vonta Leach leads to the outside, Spencer this time destroys Dreessen driving him back into the backfield. Jay Ratliff shoots the gap from the inside and fights his way to the point of attack. Bradie James comes flying from the inside to help clean up.

Now third-and-goal for the Texans from the 3. The Texans go to a three-tight end package with James Casey in the game. Casey is the wing to the right and motions left. Foster is the single back, Johnson is on the left outside runs a slant inside, Daniels is the left tight end, goes up and to the outside and draws coverage from Brooking. Casey works himself into the left flat. Foster tries to cut Ware but is not successful. Winston can’t handle Spencer from the backside and he gets a holding call as Brooking gets a pass interference call against Daniels. The offsetting flags mean a replay of third down.

On this play is where Phillips dialed up a game-changing blitz. The Texans now bring three wide receivers into the game. Walter to the left, Johnson motions from the backfield to the right, Jones in the slot to the right as well. At the snap, Johnson hooks up on the goal line with Orlando Scandrick and Alan Ball in coverage. Foster works into the flat and is picked up by really no one with Newman playing half way between Foster and Jones who is running for the corner and might have a chance to make a play. Brooking comes screaming off the left corner untouched as Foster goes right by him. Ratliff on the inside beats center Chris Myers as well to create inside pressure. Schaub has no chance to see any type of route development and is sacked for a huge loss.

The Texans have to settle for a field goal and the Cowboys continue with a 17-6 lead. It was an outstanding series for Wade Phillips and the Cowboys defense.

*With the good of the Cowboys defense, there was a little bad.

In the second quarter, the Texans were faced with a third-and-19. The Texans put their three-wide receiver package on the field as Phillips counters with his nickel group. The Texans have three receivers, one tight end and one back. Schaub gets into the shotgun with Foster to his left. At the snap, Schaub fakes like he is going to throw a pass but hands the ball to Foster inside.

DeMarcus Ware is hard up the field from the defensive right side, Stephen Bowen takes an inside charge and then is pushed further inside by guard Wade Smith, creating a large gap to that side of the defense. Foster wants to take the ball to his right, but Jason Hatcher does a nice job and is along the line of scrimmage with his shoulders square waiting for Foster. Foster then sees what has happened to his left side and heads in that direction. James is in his drop, then reacts to Foster’s movement to his left, while Brooking gets blocked by Dreessen coming across the middle. James gets trapped too far inside and Foster manages to get outside of James because of his angle.

Now the ball is outside and Mike Jenkins is getting blocked by Andre Johnson. Jenkins finally frees himself from the block and tries to cut Foster down but he jumps over him and to the first down marker as Ball arrives a step late as well as the damage is done.

For the Cowboys defense, it really was the only time in the game where they were not technique sound and it allowed the Texans to continue a drive when they were trying to run a safe play and just punt the football.

Grudge match: Cowboys-Texans

September, 25, 2010
*Cowboys wide receivers vs. Texans cornerbacks: The Texans are ranked 32nd in the NFL in pass defense and 17th in sacks per attempt. The Cowboys are ranked second in passing offense and first in the NFL in protecting the quarterback.

As much as the Cowboys want to fix their running game -- and it is something they need to try to do -- the matchups on the outside can favor them if they are able to hold up against this Texans pass rush.

The Texans like to use a four-man line and twist their defensive linemen to cause problems in the blocking scheme. The Cowboys have struggled at times with this style of scheme inside with Leonard Davis and Andre Gurode adjusting. The Cowboys do a much better job with Kyle Kosier and Marc Colombo in the lineup because of their ability to pass stunts.

If Tony Romo is given time, he can attack corners Kareem Jackson, Glover Quin and Brice McCain when he comes in for the nickel. Jackson is a talented rookie from Alabama, but he just doesn’t have a feel yet for playing vertical and inside routes. I really like the matchup of Miles Austin against him because how physical Austin can be and his ability as a solid route runner. Austin gives veteran defensive backs problems; watch what he does to this rookie.

The Texans will play a form of cover 2 much like the Bears did, so I expect their corners to try and be physical with the Cowboys receivers. The Texans struggled last week against the Redskins when the receivers were running through zones and they lost their men in coverage.

Watch how the Cowboys try and attack this group if they can hold up in protection. Some plays can be made.

Texans LT Rashad Butler vs. Cowboys OLBs DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer: Not going to sugarcoat this for the Texans: Duane Brown’s suspension is a huge blow for this offense. Brown was outstanding at left tackle against Brian Orakpo and Dwight Freeney both in the running and passing games. Butler makes his first NFL start after five seasons in the league.

Butler did play against the Cowboys in the preseason, but it wasn’t against the front-line defenders. Butler looks athletic in movement, but he doesn’t play with the power and nastiness that Brown did.

The Texans are lucky enough that their next best lineman happens to play next to Butler and that is guard Wade Smith. Smith is not big for a guard, but he is very athletic and in this scheme.

I do not believe that the Texans will allow Butler to be on an island much in this game. I look for the Texans to help him with tight ends and backs to that side.

In the preseason match up, Cowboys defensive end Igor Olshansky didn’t play his best game. When the Texans try to run the stretch play going to the left, it will be interesting if Butler can handle Olshansky at the critical point of attack.

Cowboys run defense vs. running back Arian Foster: The Texans run a very similar offense to that of the Washington Redskins in the zone blocking, stretch play scheme. The Cowboys did a nice job in their fits against the Redskins, but this Texans bunch is a different animal.

This offensive line minus Duane Brown at tackle will be different but not scheme-wise. This is the best line that the Cowboys have faced so far this season. They like to push the front side and cut the backside off.

The thing that makes this offense go is running back Arian Foster. Foster is a 224-pound load with the football in his hands. He doesn’t have huge speed, but he is deceptive in the way he can cover ground. He is physical and he will run through arm tackles.

The area that makes Foster dangerous is that if he does get going, it sets up the play-action game for the Texans. The Texans like to run boots and waggles off their stretch plays. In the preseason, the Cowboys gave up a touchdown to Jacoby Jones off the full-flow stretch play to the left.

The Cowboys cannot allow Foster to take over this game like he did against the Colts. If the Cowboys don’t get off blocks and play with discipline with their linebackers, it will allow the Texans to control this game and keep the Cowboys offense off the field.

Scout's Eye: Cowboys-Texans preview

September, 24, 2010

Week 3 finds the Cowboys in another matchup with a team that is uses a zone-blocking scheme much like they saw in Week 1 with the Redskins.

Scout's Eye
The Texans have the best offensive line that the Cowboys have faced so far this season, but there is now an interesting twist. Left tackle Duane Brown is the best linemen that the Texans have, but now he must sit four games because a violation of the league’s substance abuse policy. This is a huge break for the Cowboys because Brown has done an outstanding job in the first two weeks handling Redskins outside linebacker Brian Orakpo and Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney as rushers.

In Brown’s place is fifth-year pro Rashad Butler, who was originally drafted by Carolina and hasn’t started a game during his NFL career. Butler doesn’t play with the footwork and power that Brown has. Brown does a nice job of running his man up the field but also can be a force at the point of attack getting push.

If there is a saving grace for the Texans, it is the fact that their next best offensive lineman happens to play next to Brown and that is guard Wade Smith. Smith is the best athlete on the line. He is outstanding pulling and in space. Good adjust and finish. Plays with nastiness. Not afraid to dive into the legs of the defender when blocking on the backside of the zone play. Is a willing helper when blocking in the pocket, when uncovered, he will take a shot at the rushers ribs as well.

[+] EnlargeArian Foster
AP Photo/Bill BaptistAnother big game from running back Arian Foster could give Houston the balanced attack it will need against Dallas.
There will no doubt that Smith will be that safety net for Butler in this game and not leave him on an island for too many plays.

*Texans running back Arian Foster is a load and there is no way around it. He is physical breaking tackles. Foster is not a home run back, but he is the type that can wear you down the more he carries the ball.

In the first game of the season against the Colts, he took over the game. The Colts were down safety Bob Sanders, but as the game wore on, the more the Colts wanted nothing to do with Foster.

The most impressive thing about Foster is how he has a feel for running behind this line. He is patient in the way he takes the ball, watches the blocks develop then makes a cut through the hole.

The one area the Cowboys cannot struggle is getting off blocks. The Texans like to stretch your defense out and then cut the backside. The Texans’ offensive does a really nice job of staying on their feet front-side and tying the defenders up, allowing their backs to make the reads.

If the Cowboys’ defense doesn’t play with their hands and play square, they will be in for a long day. Players like Igor Olshansky and Marcus Spears will play a huge role this week because if they get hooked, now the ball for the Texans is out on the edge.

Watch Keith Brooking and Bradie James in this game. It will be very important for them to be in the right place and fit correctly in the scheme. If they overshoot the play, the ball will come backside on them.

Too much stretch creates gaps in the defense and with Foster running the ball, that’s a problem. Fits and finishes are the goal for the defense this week.

Andre Johnson
James Lang/US PresswireDon't expect the Cowboys to have much success slowing down Texans WR Andre Johnson.
*Andre Johnson is one of the top five receivers -- if not one of the top five players overall -- in the NFL.

How do the Cowboys go about trying to slow him down? You don’t.

The Texans will line him up all over the place so you can’t get a lock on him. In games this season, Johnson has lined up in the back field, in the slot and on the outside.

Johnson is an outstanding football player with rare talent. His movement is effortless and he will go all over the field to catch the ball. The defensive problem you run into when you play Johnson is that you can have him covered, but he still manages to make the play. Where the Cowboys need to be careful is not to allow Johnson to be that dominant player.

It will be interesting to see the health of Mike Jenkins this week. He was limited in practice on Wednesday and Thursday, which are your big work days. The Cowboys are already light at corner but need Jenkins’ skill in coverage to try to slow Johnson down, which will be a tall order.

*Through the first two weeks of the 2010 season, the Cowboys are ranked first in the NFL in fewest sacks per attempt on offense. The Texans are ranked 17th in sacking the quarterback but last in the NFL in pass defense.

This is where the Cowboys need to take advantage of the Texans. If the Cowboys can protect Tony Romo, they can make some plays down the field.

The majority of the pass rush comes from defensive ends Mario Williams and Antonio Smith. Williams and Smith will line up all over the place along the front to try and create mismatches. Amobi Okoye is the defensive tackle in the scheme and he will try to beat you with quickness up the field more than power.

Rookie Kareem Jackson is on the outside at corner and looks like he has skill but gave up a big play to Redskins receiver Joey Galloway on a vertical route and some inside routes as well. When the Texans go to the nickel, they move starting left corner Glover Quin into the slot and put Texan (by birth) Brice McCain on the outside.

Against the Colts, defensive coordinator Frank Bush played his nickel package the majority of the game to combat the Colts’ three-wide receiver package.

Where the Texans struggled last week was giving up the big play to the Redskins by losing their men in routes in crossing routes and down-the-field routes. The majority of the coverage is Cover 2 and with some of the success that the Bears had last week in jamming receivers, you will probably get the same look from the Texans.

If the Cowboys can handle those twist stunts, which have given them trouble in the past, they will be able to put pressure on this Texans secondary.