Dallas Cowboys: Marc Bulger

Position Series: Quarterback

February, 14, 2011

Let's kick off our Cowboys Position Series with a look at the most important position on the field: Quarterback. Enjoy.

Players: Tony Romo (signed through 2013), Jon Kitna (signed through 2011), Stephen McGee (signed through 2012), Chris Greisen (unrestricted free agent).

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Howard Smith/US PresswireNo. 3 quarterback Stephen McGee found himself under center after Tony Romo and Jon Kitna both got injured. His performance has given the Cowboys hope that they've found their future backup.
Top free agents: Marc Bulger, Baltimore Ravens, Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts, Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles, Kerry Collins, Tennessee Titans and Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle Seahawks.

Top draft prospects: Blaine Gabbert, Missouri, Jake Locker, Washington, Cam Newton, Auburn, Ryan Mallett, Arkansas and Andy Dalton, TCU.

2010 review: Tony Romo missed the last 10 games with a broken left collarbone but completed 69.5 percent of his passes. His best game was Week 3 at Houston, where he compiled a 127.6 quarterback rating while throwing for two touchdown passes for 284 yards. He finished the last three weeks of his season with seven touchdowns and five interceptions. Jon Kitna replaced Romo and was a quality replacement. Kitna displayed a strong arm and movement in the pocket, but a late-season injury forced the team to use Stephen McGee, who displayed good poise, in the final two minutes of games at Arizona and Philadelphia. McGee’s work has given the Cowboys hope he could be a No. 2 in the future.

Offseason preview: The way McGee played down the stretch was a positive for his development, but the organization should have moved faster to get him on the field -- especially when the season was out of reach. We understood that Jason Garrett was trying to compile wins, but the development of his team was more important. The Cowboys should draft a quarterback with the hopes of challenging McGee in training camp.

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Editors note: The free agent list comes from the NFLPA and certain players could change from unrestricted to restricted based on the new collective bargaining agreement. The college rankings come from our friends at Scouts Inc.
The other day Marc Bulger signed a one-year contract with the Baltimore Ravens for $3.8 million. Bulger was one of the most sacked quarterbacks in the league the last few years, getting knocked around 138 times since 2006, second most among starting quarterbacks.

Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers tops the list with 189. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has been sacked 99 times since 2006.

We bring up Bulger this morning because we're wondering should the Cowboys have tried to sign him?

Jon Kitna is the Cowboys' backup quarterback and scheduled to make $2 million this season. Kitna hasn't thrown a pass in a NFL game since Oct. 5, 2008 while playing for the Lions he had to leave the game with a back injury.

It cost him the rest of the season and he was later traded to Dallas for cornerback Anthony Henry.

Kitna, of course is healthy, yet, who knows if he's still got it. At the same time, who knows if all those hits Bulger took while with the St. Louis Rams have taken a toll on him.

Bulger is 33, and Kitna turns 38 in September.

The difference in salary is $1.8 million and you could say in an uncapped season that's nothing for the Cowboys who have one of the highest payrolls in the NFL.

We've all seen the last time a backup quarterback started for the Cowboys that it told us a new one was needed. Brad Johnson went 1-2 in 2008 while Romo recovered from a broken finger.

The NFL is all about planning for the future. Romo isn't going anywhere, but his backups can. Bulger is a little more expensive, but he's worth looking into it.

It's too late now with Bulger signing with the Ravens, but it was just a thought.