Best of Trevone Boykin from Big 12 media days


DALLAS -- In his 90-minute session with reporters at Big 12 media days, TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin was asked and re-asked about his Heisman Trophy candidacy so many times it was easy to lose count. But Boykin had plenty more to talk about last week.

Here are a few highlights and nuggets from the preseason Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year’s media days appearance:

Boykin on being the preseason No. 1 in the Big 12: “It’s cool having that bullseye on our back. I don’t feel any pressure. I still feel like this team still has the same attitude we did when we came off a 4-8 season and Coach [Sonny] Cumbie and Coach [Doug] Meacham first stepped in. We just need to make sure our mindset and our attitude toward this whole thing doesn’t change and that we know what the main goal is.”

On how he’s hoping to improve: “One of the main things I focused on was just passes over the middle, and Coach Cumbie and Meacham felt like a lot of the plays over the middle, we really didn’t complete. We had a lot of throws outside. Thing like that, we’re just trying to get better. That’s where you make your money at the next level, and a dream of mine is to play at the next level.”

On declining to train with a QB guru this summer: “It was my decision. I had surgery in May, and it kind of set me back. I didn’t work with anybody because Coach Cumbie is doing a pretty good job with the quarterbacks. I didn’t work with anybody last year, and we went 12-1 and had a pretty good year. So I’ll worry about that until the time comes. We’ll just try to keep rolling.”

On TCU’s rivalry with Baylor: “People can ask me about Baylor all day. I don’t feel like it’s any bad blood. I just think it’s a really good game every year, and it’s something people want to watch.”

On dreaming of a Heisman as a kid: “When I was young, I really didn’t think about it. But I met Matt Leinart today, and I talked about, man, I remember sitting on my grandma’s couch and watching the USC-Texas game. That was one of the best college games to ever come on TV and ever be played. He was basically saying, ‘Now you’re one of those guys that people are looking at.’ And it’s just a blessing, man, it really is.”

On the 2014 season exceeding his own expectations: “It was something I didn’t know we had in us until we really just started playing. Every week we tried to get better, and every week we surprised ourselves. It was basically, we knew we had potential, and we knew we had great athletes on both sides of the ball. It was about everyone buying in. Once they bought in, we took off.”

On how much better TCU’s offense can get: “We can get a lot better. You can go back and watch the West Virginia game. You can go back and watch the Kansas game. I mean, you can go back and watch any game, and I felt like we left points on the board all the time. When you go back and watch film, you can always see things we can get better on as far as making the right reads, making the right decisions, getting people in the right place or even getting yourself in the right position to make plays.”

On how TCU’s rise since joining the Big 12 has helped the university: “It’s been crazy. You start seeing new buildings pop up everywhere and new people. More people are starting to send in applications to the school now. When your football team [is] successful, the whole school and the whole town is pretty happy. You really can’t complain. I mean, what is there to complain about? You really can’t complain about being a Horned Frog because there’s so much good we’ve been doing lately.”

On how to how to properly take a selfie: “You want me to take a selfie right now? You gotta just make a face and hold it. On some phones -- I think you need to upgrade -- you can hold the camera button and it takes 50 pictures. Phones have changed our generation. Social media has changed our generation so much. Everything is on Twitter, everything is on the internet now, and there’s nothing you can’t find."