Who is TCU pulling for in USC-Oregon game?

It's not an easy question, is it?

TCU remains behind Boise State in the human polls. It's likely only one of those non-BCS teams is going to a BCS bowl. So TCU must finish ahead of Boise State. The Broncos' only quality win is a home victory over Oregon. If USC beats Oregon, that hurts Boise State's strength of schedule.

But for those Frog fans dreaming of a national title game berth, wouldn't it help if Oregon beat USC? It's a real longshot for TCU to get all the way to title game consideration. But what if:

  • Iowa loses to Ohio State on Nov. 14 (or someone else before then)

  • Cincinnati loses to West Virginia on Nov. 13 or Pittsburgh on Dec. 5

  • USC loses to Oregon on Saturday

  • Texas loses to Oklahoma State on Saturday

  • OK. That sounds a little crazy. But none of those loses would be shocking, would they? If TCU were to keep winning, including a victory over a top-20 Utah team, would they get a shot at a national title berth if all of these losses happened?

    Would TCU still be able to get past Boise State?

    So I ask all of you TCU fans: Who are you pulling for -- USC or Oregon?