Edwards: TCU still has faint title hopes

ESPN's BCS analyst Brad Edwards said that should Texas stumble, TCU might have an opportunity to move up to No. 2 in the BCS standings if they keep winning in impressive fashion.

"I think a lot of voters have bought into TCU as a really strong team," said Edwards, who will be in Fort Worth with ESPN's radio GameDay show. "I think they can move up depending on what happened with the other teams in front of them. This weekend is a big opportunity.

"More voters will pay attention to TCU this week than they will any of the remaining weeks. I'm not saying they should feel pressure to win big, but if they win this game impressively, even close to what they did against BYU, they'll have the attention of a whole lot of people that might not have given them full consideration before that."

Edwards said if TCU wins out, they should stay ahead of Boise State. But staying ahead of Cincinnati may mean continuing to pile up style points. Cincinnati still has games with West Virginia and No. 12 Pittsburgh, which can impress voters and boost them in the computers. Staying ahead of Cincinnati only matters if Texas loses and TCU is positioned to make an argument to get in the national title game. Texas remains on position to play for the national title if they win out, likely facing the winner of the Alabama-Florida game in the SEC Championship game (assuming both stay undefeated).

"I don't think TCU would move ahead of a one-loss SEC team because if Alabama or Florida lose and then beat the other in the championship game, that's a quality win," Edwards said. "But Texas is a different story. To me, if they lose, TCU could slip in there and play for the championship."

Your thoughts on TCU's title hopes? What margin of victory over Utah would be considered impressive enough to win over more voters?