Is SMU June Jones' final job?

UNIVERSITY PARK -- The 56-year-old SMU head coach said "most likely" on Tuesday. Jones didn't say he'd be at SMU forever. But it was clear on Tuesday that he likes it on the Hilltop and plans on staying awhile.

Jones, who recently agreed to a contract extension that takes him through the 2014 season, talked about leaving Hawaii for SMU before the 2008 season because he wanted a new challenge.

"I just kind of needed to be reinvigorated again," Jones said. "I don't think I'll ever do this again. This will most likely be my last job unless some right situation came up that would appeal to me. But I would think that's a hard thing to do."

Jones' SMU team was 7-5 this season and is going to the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, the program's first bowl game since 1984, when they beat Notre Dame in the Aloha Bowl.