TCU talks about passing game

TCU quarterback Andy Dalton and co-offensive coordinator Justin Fuente talked about TCU's ability to throw the ball this season and open up the offense. It's clearly been a huge key to the team's success.

Some thoughts from Dalton:

"Starting this spring, we changed things up a little bit to be more efficient in the passing game. That work in the summer carried into the season. I think we did a pretty good job of it.

I guess coming in, if you look at my numbers, it doesn’t show that I was a passing quarterback. I think this offense has become so balanced. I think that has helped out with that. I felt like I matured a lot. I see things a whole lot better and that just comes with experience.

I know what I can and can’t do. I know when I can try to make a play and when not to. I think that just comes with time. It’s kind of cool to get the recognition. Just to see the way that the Fort Worth area and the city has changed and bought into TCU. You see a lot of people wearing purple now. It’s been exciting to see everybody buying into TCU."

Some thoughts from Fuentes:

"I think the results that [Dalton] wanted to see were the wins and losses. Things will never change here. We’re going to run the football. When we’re able to run the football it is easier to throw the football. Andy understands that. Andy is ready and willing to do whatever it takes for us to run the ball and in turn make it easier for us to throw.

Did he need tangible results? I think he saw them in the way we were moving the ball and the success we were having offensively. I don’t know that he needed x amount of touchdown passes. If we get into a situation where we have to throw. I don’t think that has been the formula for success here and that has been one thing Jarrett and I talked to Coach Patterson about. We’re not trying to change it. We want to do a couple of things better.

I don’t know if it will ever get to (throwing 40-50 passes a game) or not. I personally as a football coach understand how much easier it is to throw the ball well if you can run it. And nobody talks about Texas Tech running the football. But if you don’t put enough guys in there, they will run the ball. "