Fiesta talk: TCU's Daryl Washington

A few TCU defensive players met with the media after practice on Thursday. One was linebacker Daryl Washington. Here were some of his thoughts:

"We have to go out there and play. Let everything take care of itself. In my opinion, we’re both great teams. You have two great teams playing against each other in two different conferences. As far as dominating those conferences, you’re establishing yourself somewhere in the Top 5.

"Boise State is a great team. He’s (Kellen Moore) a smart player and knows the offense. He knows football. Sometimes you have to get pressure on him. If we can get pressure on him it will be a great game for us. Maybe they have more experience this year. They brought a lot of players back. They’re going to be a great team. They’re going to be ready to play. I’m just looking forward to it.

"We know they’re going to come out with some trick plays. We know they’re going to try to catch us off guard and make us feel uncomfortable. I think we’re well prepared. They have some speedy guys on the offense. Receivers and running backs. With our speed and our aggressive play, it will be fun to watch."