Fiesta Bowl teams watching lots of film

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- One advantage of the additional preparation time for a bowl game is the opportunity to watch a gaggle of games on film.

"I have been watching film for the last five years of Boise State," Patterson said Friday. "When you play Boise State, you better look back at all the guidance, all the formations, how they attack. We know we probably won't see anything we saw a year ago from Boise State. So we are trying to prepare for all the rest of it."

That's all part of the chess game that coaches play. They want to run plays and schemes they know, but with a month to prepare, you've got time to throw some wrinkles into the playbook that haven't been in there all year. That's where watching as much film from previous years can help. Boise is doing the same thing.

Patterson was asked the proper way to prepare for the challenge of playing Boise State in the regular season.

"If I was in the WAC, I would tream them the same way I treat Air Force," Patterson said. "I would work on them in the spring, the last three or four practices in spring ball. You work on them in two-a-days."

TCU will practice this afternoon and then a walk-through tomorrow morning.