Holaday talks about TCU's starters

TCU senior Bryan Holaday, who catches Horned Frog starters Matt Purke, Steven Maxwell and Kyle Winkler, said Thursday that all three have been great to combine for a 32-2 record on the year.

"Matt (Purke) has done a great job of going out there on Friday nights and getting us off to a great start, have a lot of energy on the mound and just compete," Holaday said. "Then Kyle will come out Saturday and try to out-do Matt and Steven will come out Sunday and try to out-do Kyle. It’s a really fun thing to be a part of in trying to catch this staff."

Asked about the differences between the three, Holaday said it's mostly a matter of temperament.

"Matt wears his emotions on his sleeve, kind of like Steven, but Steven is more of a cocky pitcher, which suits his style of pitching very well," Holaday said. "Matt is the typical lefty with the cocked hat. He does a really job well of commanding his pitches in the strike zone. Winkler is not as emotional as the other two, but he seems to be focused on what he’s doing on each pitch."

Holaday said he didn't expect any major changes in approach to prepare for strong starters from Baylor and Arizona.

“I think we are going to do the same thing we have done all year," Holaday said. "We have been sticking with our same approach, and our coach has done a strong job getting us ready. As long as we don’t chase, we will have a lot of success. We know how to hit in this ballpark, and that will really work to our approach.”