MWC nabs Boise and is poised for more

The Mountain West's rebuff of Boise State didn't last long. The Broncos are in and the Mountain West Conference now stands at 10 teams and is ready to pounce once the other dominoes fall with the Big 12 Conference.

MWC commissioner Craig Thompson will discuss today's action later in a press conference. Details will follow.

The MWC, which added TCU in 2005, is positioned to make a bigger splash if the Big 12 dissolves. Nebraska will reportedly declare its intentions to join the Big Ten today, which would leave the Big 12 with 10 teams and at a serious crossroads.

If Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma bolt for the Pac-10, or even if A&M goes its separate way to the SEC, the Mountain West would take a serious look at those Big 12 schools left in limbo: Baylor, Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State. The MWC would have options to expand from 12 to 16 teams and feel as though it is strongly positioned to gain acceptance as a BCS conference.

The MWC held off inviting Boise last weekend during its summer meetings to wait and see what would transpire with the other conferences.

Could its decision to add Boise now, before the Big 12 crumbles, mean the MWC is confident the Big 12 will dissolve in the coming days, enabling it to go after the remnants?