Taylor Potts talks about Tech's victory

Taylor Potts beat out Steven Sheffield during training camp to claim Texas Tech's starting quarterback spot.

In the Red Raiders' 35-27 season-opening win over SMU on Sunday, Potts made new coach Tommy Tuberville look good with four touchdown passes. Potts was 34-for-53 for 359 yards as Tech led by as many as 21 points before the Mustangs' late rally fell short.

Potts answered questions from the Texas Tech sports information department after the game, and here are are some of his answers.

On his overall performance:

"Really we kind of came out there expecting to complete every pass, really. When it's incomplete, it's my fault. So any incompletions today were my fault. But the game, you know, it's a team game. You're not going to win on one side of the ball or the other. Offense stepped up at times and defense stepped up huge. You've got to win it as a team and play as a team, and that's what we did today."

On the differences between this year's offense and last year's:

"This year it's paying a lot of attention to detail. That is kind of our main focus. We want to do things right every single snap. Details are huge. If you can get the little things right, it will pay off in the end. From every position from O-line to myself, the running backs to the receivers, it's the details, everything's precise and done the right way. There's no lollygagging around, everything's got a purpose and detailed and planned out."

On the defense:

"This year they're sound and solid and good. I mean, there's not enough ways to describe them. They're doing different things, mixing things up. They've got players out there. Great athletes, it's just a great defense. It's a new look. It's exciting to watch them. So when we come off the field, it's exciting to see the defense perform."