OU LB: 'I wanted Texas to be 4-0'

NORMAN, Okla. – The Sooners didn’t celebrate the news of Texas’ lopsided loss to UCLA.

Oklahoma players aren’t pleased that Texas is coming off a sound butt-kicking, although a couple of Sooners defensive leaders had completely different reasons for that feeling.

“I wanted Texas to be 4-0,” linebacker Travis Lewis said. “I wanted them to have their full arsenal, our full arsenal. I was really disappointed.”

Safety Jonathan Nelson believes Texas will be a more dangerous team because of the fallout from the embarrassing home loss to an unranked foe. Nelson remembers how the Sooners responded in a rivalry game after a lopsided loss, routing Oklahoma State the week after being blown out by Texas Tech last season.

“Everybody was writing us off,” Nelson said. “That’s probably what’s happening [with Texas] right now. We played our best game of the year, so I can definitely see Texas come into the Red River and give us their A game and nothing less.

“They lose to UCLA at home and now everybody is trying to talk bad about them. That makes that team mad. They’re going to be on edge this whole week, just waiting to play us, so we have to bring our A game.”