Aggies' new basketball boss: Billy Kennedy

There's a new boss patrolling the Texas A&M hardwood these days, and Pat Forde got a chance to sit down with new men's basketball coach Billy Kennedy and detail his long road to get to where he is.

A snippet:

Billy Kennedy, the new boss at Texas A&M, is pretty much a self-made sapling. He worked 12 different (and mostly modest) college jobs before getting this one, his big break in the profession. As an assistant coach, he had seven addresses from 1985-91.

Ask him about the biggest coaching influence in his life, and you don't hear about any big names from power programs. You hear about a 76-year-old man who coaches girls high school basketball and teaches Latin at a small Catholic school in New Orleans.

In addition, college basketball blogger Eamonn Brennan looked into his crystal ball to see what effect Kennedy will have on the Aggies next season.

Kennedy may not run the exact same offense as Turgeon, and he may not have the exact same points of emphasis, but he will inherit a team that is very much used to playing at a deliberate pace. There won't be some massive, wholesale strategic change at work here. Khris Middleton, David Loubeau and the rest of the Aggies -- who comprise what should be a competitive team in Kennedy's first year -- won't suddenly be asked to start playing a totally different style.