June Jones pleased with SMU's chemistry

DALLAS -- SMU is one victory shy of being bowl eligible. With six games remaining in the season, the Mustangs are in good shape.

Coach June Jones sees a team coming together, with the latest evidence being Saturday's 38-17 victory over Central Florida. The Mustangs are 5-1 overall and lead the Conference USA West Division at 3-0.

"I'm really pleased with the chemistry of this team," Jones said. "The guys made a commitment at the start of the season … to honor something higher than anything else, and the chemistry is working. We've had some really neat things happen to this team internally that excite me as a team, and the guys are really coming together and bonding. And that's what you've got to do.

"We've got a tough road, even though we're 5-1. It just gets harder from here. The chemistry is the reason we'll still hang together and have a chance to go to a bowl."

SMU's five-game winning streak is the team's longest since 1997. The Mustangs are 12-3 in their last 15 home games.

Jones didn't even let the attendance, or lack of, bring him down. A crowd of 22,932 was announced, but 32,000-seat Ford Stadium appeared to be less than half full on a pleasant afternoon.

"The crowd that was there seemed like they were really loud and into the game," Jones said. "We have had a situation because of where we've been for 25 years where we're still going to take time to build that back. It's a unique place and a great situation, and the potential is all ahead."