OSU hoping resume sways voters

Oklahoma State sits today hopeful that an impressive win over Oklahoma is enough to sway voters -- and maybe some computers -- in its favor. But they'll need to slip past Alabama to do it.

In an attempt to lay out the case, OSU sent emails out late last night comparing its schedule to Alabama's and Stanford's. The point they are trying to hammer home involves quality wins. In short:

OSU beat five teams that are currently in the BCS top-25 (OU, Kansas State, Baylor, Texas and Missouri) and six bowl-eligible teams with winning records. Alabama has wins over two teams currently ranked in the BCS top-25 (Arkansas, Penn State) and three bowl-eligible teams with winning records.

But is that what voters will use? Or will they argue Alabama's only loss was in overtime at home against the No. 1 team in the country while OSU lost on the road to Iowa State, nearly a four-TD underdog? Or will some voters give OSU the nod to avoid a rematch game? We'll see later tonight.