Chat wrap: Tech recruiting, K.D. Cannon

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Cully_Ross (Atlanta, Ga) Did Charlie Strong's firm stance on turning the players commitment and behavior off the field negatively effect his ability to bring in Top talent, or did he just not have the resource or draw to bring them in the first place?

Brandon Chatmon I don't think so. You can't expect things to happen that quickly in recruiting. He had two, three weeks? It's not realistic to judge anything about Charlie Strong's Texas program off what has happened on the recruiting trail in the past few weeks

Jeremy (Arkansas) Is this the best class Mike Gundy has had?

Brandon Chatmon I don't think so. Sounds like you're underrating some past classes. But I think Oklahoma State has more talent on campus right now than ever before and I think this class will upgrade it even more

Justin (Oklahoma ) Which is more ridiculous National Recruiting Rankings or Preseason Polls?

Brandon Chatmon Not a huge fan of either. But I think there is more validity to recruiting rankings

Charles Knowlton (Waco) Do you think K.D. Cannon will play a role in the Bears offense this upcoming season, or will he have to work his way up and wait his turn behind the returning veteran receivers?

Brandon Chatmon Yes. too talented to keep on the sidelines, no matter who is already on campus.

Jon (Santa Fe) With TTU grabbing a couple recruits from the SEC and ACC's backyard, do you see Tech trying to form a pipeline to this area? And is this smart, or should we be looking to recruit guys a little closer to home? And how about our JUCO signees from the Cali area, could we see that trickle down to the highschool level?

Brandon Chatmon Really like what Kingsbury has done. I wouldn't say a pipeline could or should be developed but I fully agree that Texas Tech should cherry pick hidden gems in SEC, ACC and PAC 12 country. So many impact guys can be under the noses of local schools and go unnoticed. Really smart recruiting approach from the Red Raiders in my opinion.