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Thursday, March 20, 2014
Mack Brown becoming a Twitter star

By Max Olson

Mack Brown has put more time into a few hobbies now that he’s no longer a head coach. We know he’s watching a lot of sports, and because of another new hobby, Twitter, we’ve learned a few of his other interests.

@SAMMANTX: @UT_MackBrown what is your top hobby now?” Golf & Fishing

— Mack Brown (@UT_MackBrown) March 4, 2014

The former Texas coach is developing into a bit of a star in the social networking world thanks to his newfound fondness for hosting late-night Q&As with his more than 59,000 followers.

On his @UT_MackBrown account, Brown has surpassed 2,300 tweets. Now that he no longer has to follow recruits, the 101 people he follows consist of former players, coaches, friends and football reporters.

Brown has stuck to his tradition of posting an inspirational quote each morning, referencing such thinkers as Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, George Bernard Shaw, Zig Ziglar and Vince Lombardi. It serves as his thought of the day. And on a daily basis, Brown’s Twitter posts are about what you’d expect from an ex-coach who’s still living in Austin and loving Texas athletics.

He congratulated former players Jackson Jeffcoat and James Kirkendoll for receiving their T-Rings, Henry Melton for joining the Cowboys and Sam Acho for getting married.

He’s still following Longhorns sports closely and offering his support to the men’s basketball, women’s basketball and track teams these days. He’ll still retweet the Longhorn Network account from time to time.

Considering the public figure Brown became during his 16-year tenure in burnt orange, it’s no surprise he’s putting in an effort to keep up. He does seem to be enjoying this medium and the networking it offers.

@ParkwarKing: @UT_MackBrown do you appreciate the support you get from twitter?” I'm loving twitter. It's really fun

— Mack Brown (@UT_MackBrown) March 4, 2014

And lately, on the nights he decides to take questions, Brown is open to chatting with anybody about anything. And he can really get on a roll.

On March 11, for example, Brown answered more than 60 questions in a span of about 70 minutes. Considering he does his tweeting from his iPhone, that’s quite the commitment.

His most prolific chat, to date, appears to be the one from March 3. He posted more than 165 tweets over the course of four hours, all in response to questions or comments he received.

That chat came the day after his close friend Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar. Brown’s live-tweeting of the Academy Awards drew lots of attention, too.

Congrats to Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club. Good start. Jim Carey is really funny & I love Harrison Ford

— Mack Brown (@UT_MackBrown) March 3, 2014

In case you’ve been missing out on these Q&As -- and that’s understandable, because you never know when one will get going -- here’s a glimpse of what we’ve learned about Brown during his ask-me-anything chats.
And that’s just the fun stuff. He’ll entertain questions about games he coached, offer nuggets about the big moments from his Texas career and all sorts of other football-related knowledge. Or, if you just want to be retweeted by Mack Brown, he can usually help you out with that too.

Brown is no doubt doing plenty of other things with his newfound spare time, but connecting with his fanbase is becoming one of his more popular endeavors. He’s simply out to offer up advice, praise and some honesty.

Why’s he doing this? Because Brown, as he recently reminded his many followers, is just trying to stay true to himself.

"Don't change so people will like you. Be yourself & the right people will love the real you." Unknown-Be yourself. You can't be anyone else

— Mack Brown (@UT_MackBrown) March 15, 2014