Dallas Colleges: 2010 tourney primer

Big 12 media days live: Day 2

July, 22, 2014
Jul 22
The Big 12 media days continue on Tuesday in Dallas, as Oklahoma's Bob Stoops and new Texas coach Charlie Strong each take the stage. Keep this page open throughout the day's proceedings as we bring you the latest from our reporters, who will cover all 10 teams at the event.

Tourney primer: Rice Owls

June, 2, 2010
Record: 38-21, 20-8 Conference USA, 8-2 last 10

Beat: Cal (2X: 26-11, 7-4), San Diego (9-8), Southern Miss (2X: 10-2, 21-14), Texas Tech (3-2), TCU (5-4), Texas State (2X: 5-0, 16-2), Houston (6X: 8-2, Series sweep 25-9 combined score, 15-5, 24-3)

Lost to: Cal (2X: 8-6, 6-4) San Diego (2X: 6-4, 6-5), Southern Miss (2X: 11-10, 7-4), Stanford (Series sweep, 27-15), Texas (2X: 2-1, 5-1), Texas A&M (7-1), Lamar (13-7)

Key players:

Sophomore 3B Anthony Rendon -- .393, leads team in runs (79), home runs (23), slugging percentage (.787), walks (62) and RBIs (78), 83 hits (second on team), has only struck out 21 times

Senior C Diego Seastrunk -- .377, 43 runs, 63 hits, 49 RBIs, 32 walks, .475 on-base percentage, only 17 walks

Junior SS Rick Hague -- .352, 69 runs, 86 hits (leads team), 20 doubles (leads team), 14 home runs (second) but has 50 strikeouts to 28 walks and a team-leading 23 errors (.928 fielding percentage)

Starting rotation:

Senior RHP Jared Rogers -- 8-1, 4.10 ERA, 13 starts, two complete games, allowed 89 hits in 79 IP, 48 strikeouts to just 12 walks

Junior RHP Boogie Anagnostou -- 3-4, 4.18 ERA, eight starts, 64 hits in 60 1/3 IP, has walked one more than he's struck out (25 to 24)

Sophomore LHP Taylor Wall -- 5-5, 4.65 ERA, 14 starts, 75 hits in 81.1 IP, 58 srtikeouts to 30 walks

Senior RHP Mike Ojala -- 5-2, 3.80, nine starts, 51 strikeouts to 19 walks, .206 opponent's batting average

Most used relievers:

Junior LHP Abe Gonzales -- 4-3, 3.23 ERA, 26 appearances and two starts, 56 hits allowed in 53 IP, 31 strikeouts to 14 walks

Freshman RHP Tyler Duffy -- 2-2, 5.21 ERA, 25 appearances, 42 hits in 38 IP, 41 strikeouts to 15 walks

Freshman RHP J.T. Chargois -- 3-2, 3.29 ERA, 15 appearances and two starts, 33 hits in 27 1/3 IP, 14 strikeouts to 4 walks, but .306 opponent's batting average

Junior LHP Doug Simmons -- 4-0, 2.66 ERA, 20 appearances, 12 hits in 20 1/3 IP, .169 opponent's batting average but 17 walks to 14 strikeouts

Will move on if:

Texas can't escape from its funk. Rice isn't as strong as years' past but they can take advantage of a poor Longhorn performance to claim the regional. The Owls are a deep team from a relief standpoint, and if Texas allows them a chance with an early loss, Rice may have an advantage in the later innings of crucial games. But they can expect to lose the starting pitching matchups, unless their starters step up in a big way. The Owls also have a balanced offense led by Rendon, but with many players who can hit. Shutting down or walking one won't guarantee a win. Texas is still a clear favorite for the region, but the Longhorns will have sturdy competition with Rice and the Ragin' Cajuns. Even with one loss, Texas may have an advantage over Rice and Louisiana-Lafayette, matchup wise. However, if Rice finds its way into a Sunday or Monday game with a Super Regional bid on the line, it should be appointment listening/following on a computer.

Could be trouble if:

They catch a hot opposing pitcher. The three top seeds in this region can all score runs right there with the best in the country. What will decide the games is run prevention. Rice coach Wayne Graham will need to coordinate his pitchers perfectly if the Owls have a chance to move on. They can't out-muscle Texas, but that's not to say intangibles (the Longhorns' performance in the Big 12 tourney, Rice's NCAA experience and coaching) can't decide the series. If Rice does everything right this weekend, they will still have to hope for a weak UT start or two to give them a window. If they get that, a regional win is possible.

First game: Friday, 1 p.m. vs. No. 3 Louisiana-Lafayette

Tourney primer: Baylor Bears

June, 2, 2010
Record: 34-22, 15-14 Big 12, 8-2 last 10

Beat: Texas State (2X: 3-2, 12-3), Oral Roberts (3X: 14-2, 7-6, 12-8), Texas A&M (2X: 13-1,12-1), TCU (14-4), Texas Tech (2X: 6-2, 12-5), Kansas State (11-8), Oklahoma (8-3)

Lost to: Texas State (9-3), Oral Roberts (6-5), Texas A&M (3X: 4-2, 4-3, 5-3), TCU (5-4), Texas Tech (5-3), Kansas State (Series sweep, 13-6 combined score), Oklahoma (7-6), Texas (Series sweep, 10-4 combined score), Western Kentucky (6-2), BYU (7-5), Louisiana Tech (14-6)

Key players:

Senior SS Raynor Campbell -- .350, 72 hits, 14 doubles, 41 RBIs

Sophomore 2B Joey Hainsfurther -- .341, 75 hits (leads team), 47 RBIs (second), only 15 walks to 17 strikeouts

Freshman OF Logan Vick -- .338, 72 hits, 16 doubles (leads team), 10 home runs (second), .573 slugging percentage (leads team among 10-game starters), nine of 13 stolen bases, no errors (1.000 fielding percentage)

Starting rotation:

Sophomore RHP Logan Verrett -- 5-3, 3.09 ERA, two complete games, 87.1 IP (leads team), 83 hits allowed, 95 strikeouts to 22 walks, .254 opponent's batting average (best among frequent starters)

Senior RHP Willie Kempf -- 8-2, 3.11 ERA, 75.1 IP, 76 hits allowed, 72 strikeouts to 28 walks

Junior RHP Shawn Tolleson -- 2-6, 5.30 ERA, 73 IP, allowed 96 hits, 61 runs but only 43 earned, 82 strikeouts with 28 walks

Junior RHP Craig Fritsch -- 2-3, 3.50 ERA, 18 appearances but seven starts, 64.1 IP, two saves, 65 hits allowed, 56 strikeouts to 22 walks, seven wild pitches (leads team)

Most used relievers:

Freshman LHP Josh Turley -- 4-0, 4.08 ERA, 25 appearances, two starts, 46.1 IP, 57 hits allowed, 31 strikeouts to 15 walks

Junior RHP Jon Ringenberg -- 4-0, 4.05 ERA, 12 appearances, four starts, 33.1 IP, 21 strikeouts to nine walks, one home run allowed

Sophomore RHP Brooks Pinckard -- 2-4, 2.15 ERA, 20 appearances with no starts, 29.1 IP, 16 strikeouts to 16 walks, .200 opponent's batting average

Freshman RHP Kolt Browder -- 4-2, 4.88 ERA, 20 appearances with no starts, 27.2 IP, 23 hits and 19 runs allowed, 36 strikeouts to 20 walks

Will move on if:

TCU stumbles and the Bears take advantage. The Frogs' starting pitching is much stronger, but if TCU slips early or Baylor forces a second game vs. the Frogs, things will change considerably. The Bears crushed a TCU midweek starter in April, and could take advantage of a thin TCU lineup in Sunday or Monday games.

Could be trouble if:

The matchups don't pan out. Baylor isn't as strong as previous years, but if the Bears can pull an upset and keep moving, it will be because of a consistent lineup that doesn't depend on one or two hitters and good pitching performances. Most years, Baylor would have been a tough three seed, but TCU should advance from the regional. If the Frogs slip up against the Bears or any other team, however, it will provide a big opportunity for Baylor or slumping Arizona to right itself.

First game: Friday, 2 p.m. vs. No. 3 Arizona

Tourney primer: Texas A&M Aggies

June, 1, 2010
Record: 40-19-1, 18-12-1 Big 12, 9-1 last 10

Beat: Baylor (3X: 4-2, 4-3, 5-3), Washington State (2X: 4-3, 6-5), Texas Tech (2X: 6-3, 5-4), Oklahoma (6-2), Kansas State (2X: 10-2, 3-2), Texas (9-3), Texas State (6-2), Rice (7-1)

Lost to: Baylor (2X:13-1, 2-1), Washington State (7-5), Texas Tech (13-7), Oklahoma (2X: 6-5, 10-2), Kansas State (8-7), Texas (series sweep, 26-3 combined score), Texas State (6-5), TCU (6-1), Stephen F. Austin (7-6), Western Kentucky (5-1)

Key players:

Senior shortstop Brodie Greene -- .392, leads team in runs (67), hits (96), doubles (16), triples (7), home runs (12), RBIs (50), slugging percentage (.661) and walks (22), is tied for lowest strikeouts (26) of players who started at least 35 games, 23 of 28 stolen base attempts, started all 60 games

Senior designated hitter Joe Patterson -- .356, second on team in runs (43), hits (83), doubles (15), RBIs (41), leads team in strikeouts (56), .986 fielding percentage

Senior catcher Kevin Gonzales -- .310, third on team in hits (54), 33 RBIs, 26 strikeouts, leads team in fielding percentage (.994)

Starting rotation:

Freshman RHP Michael Wacha -- 8-2, 2.42 ERA, only started nine games, but has pitched 100.1 innings (leads team), 94 strikeouts to just 21 walks, .207 opponent's batting average

Junior RHP Barret Loux -- 10-2, 2.53 ERA, 126 strikeouts to 32 walks, .196 opponent's batting average

Sophomore RHP Ross Stripling -- 6-3, 3.80 ERA, allowed 90 hits and 10 home runs in 83 IP, 80 strikeouts to 24 walks

Senior RHP Clayton Ehlert -- 4-6, 5.21 ERA, two complete games, allowed 83 hits in 76 IP

Most used relievers:

Senior RHP Shane Minks -- 2-2, 3.74 ERA, 22 appearances, no starts, 33.2 IP, allowed 37 hits, but only one home run

Junior RHP Nick Fleece -- 1-2, 4.09 ERA, five starts, 33 IP, allowed 43 hits

Sophomore RHP John Stilson -- 8-1, 0.87 ERA, 31 appearances, no starts, 72.1 IP, nine saves, 106 strikeouts to 20 walks

Will move on if:

As a team, they play to their potential and continue their streak. The Aggies are a solid, old-school baseball team that relies on two extremely good starters, a third good one, a decent fourth, then a couple of relievers to get them to a deadly closer in Stilson. Their offense is produced mostly through Greene's tremendous stat line and Patterson's bat, though Caleb Shofner and Gonzales both bring something to the table as well. They need all four of those players to produce in the tournament, plus a couple of others in their lineup must rise to the occasion. The Aggies overcame a very tough schedule with some easier games down the stretch, before showing what they were capable of in the Big 12 tournament. If they play like that, Miami and FIU will be overmatched.

Could be trouble if:

The ACC really is that good. On paper, Miami is a very similar team to Texas A&M with slightly worse pitching. However, the Hurricanes beat a lot of very good baseball teams and have a much better reputation nationally from being a NCAA tournament team year-in and year-out. If the competition in the ACC (which had eight NCAA bids) is that much better than the Big 12 (which had five), then Miami should be better tested for the tournament, but it will need every bit of its home-field advantage to hold off the Aggies. Florida International could catch either of the top seeds in the region looking ahead, but it isn't on the same level as A&M and the Hurricanes.

First game: Friday, 11 a.m. vs. No. 3 Florida International at Coral Gables, Fla. (ESPNU)

Tourney primers will conclude Wednesday with Baylor and Rice before region previews on Thursday.

Tourney primer: Oklahoma Sooners

June, 1, 2010
Record: 44-15, 17-11 Big 12, 9-1 last 10

Beat: Baylor (7-6), Texas A&M (2X: 6-5, 10-2), Kansas State (3X: 14-3, 15-11, 13-2), Texas Tech (12-1), TCU (2X: 4-2, 8-3), Arkansas (5-2)

Lost to: Baylor (8-3), Texas A&M (6-2), Kansas State (14-9), Texas Tech (2X: 8-3, 7-3), UCLA (5-2), Texas (series sweep, 16-3 combined score), Oklahoma State (2X: 7-6, 4-3)

Key Players:

Sophomore 3B Garrett Buechele -- .393, leads team in runs (50), hits (88), RBIs (61), home runs (15) and slugging percentage (.679) for players with at least 10 starts

Sophomore OF Chris Ellison -- .331, 48 runs, 52 hits, 21-of-24 steals, leads team in walks (26) and fielding percentage (.989) out of players with at least 30 starts

Sophomore SS Caleb Bushyhead -- .327, 48 runs, 73 hits

Starting rotation:

Junior RHP Zach Neal -- 8-3, 4.52 ERA, 76 strikeouts/20 walks

Junior RHP Bobby Shore -- 8-4, 4.52 ERA, allowed 80 hits in 75.2 IP

Freshman LHP Ryan Gibson -- 5-2, 3.76 ERA, 40 strikeouts/23 walks

Senior LHP J.R. Robinson -- 2-3, 4.61 ERA, 59 strikeouts/22 walks, allowed 61 hits in 52.2 innings pitched

Most used relievers:

Senior RHP Jeremy Erben -- 7-1, 4.10 ERA, 59.1 IP, 27 appearances (two starts), 65 strikeouts/24 walks, three saves

Junior RHP Michael Rocha -- 7-1, 3.02 ERA, 17 appearances, four starts, allowed seven home runs in 56.2 innings pitched

Freshman RHP Jack Mayfield -- 4-0, team-low 2.03 ERA, 40 IP, 15 appearances, three starts, allowed 16 runs in 40 innings but only nine were earned, 27 strikeouts/10 walks

Junior LHP Anthony Collazo -- 1-0, 3.92 ERA, 24 appearances, one start, 20.2 IP, 27 strikeouts/nine walks

Will move on if:

They finally find some consistency. Oklahoma had a great start and finish to the year, but the middle of their schedule was filled with frustrating losses to Big 12 opponents (Nebraska, Oklahoma State twice, Missouri, two of three to Texas Tech) and they typically couldn't overcome superior opponents. Luckily there isn't a superior team in their region, as Cal stunningly was given the Norman two seed. Cal is a very capable team after being tested in a very tough Pac-10 (eight NCAA bids) but they were 38th in the ESPN/USA Today poll released Monday. Oklahoma doesn't have a single dominant starter, but they have a very deep rotation that could see them outlast their region.

Could be trouble if:

Any of the other teams in the region start hot. Cal may have been on the bubble, but the committee saw something they liked. No. 3 North Carolina and No. 4 Oral Roberts are also very capable of stealing a game. North Carolina didn't make the ACC Tournament, but is a solid team. Oral Roberts claimed the Summit League title and can catch fire offensively. The Sooners can escape Norman, but an elimination wouldn't shock the college baseball landscape by any means.

First game: Friday, 1 p.m. vs. 4. Oral Roberts

Tourney primer: TCU Horned Frogs

May, 31, 2010
Record: 46-11, 22-5 Mountain West, 9-1 last 10

Beat: Cal State Fullerton (2X: 5-2, 8-1), Texas Tech (Series sweep, 25-13 combined score), Oral Roberts (6-4), Texas A&M (6-1), Baylor (5-4), New Mexico (3X: 3-2, 26-4, 2-0)

Lost to: Cal State Fullerton (6-4), Rice (5-4), Air Force (2X: 14-11, 4-2), Dallas Baptist (8-7), Oklahoma (2X: 4-2, 8-3), Baylor (14-4), New Mexico (3-2)

Key Players:

Sophomore outfielder Brance Rivera -- .391, nine of 10 stolen base attempts, 59 hits in just 37 starts

Sophomore outfielder Jason Coats -- .369, leads team in runs (60), hits (86), and RBIs (62), has 13 home runs, but 44 strikeouts

Senior catcher Bryan Holaday -- .357, 58 runs, 85 hits, .989 fielding percentage, caught 21 of 41 baserunners stealing

Starting rotation:

Freshman LHP Matt Purke -- 12-0, 3.34 ERA, 113 strikeouts to 25 walks, allowed four home runs in 89 IP, .225 opponent's batting average

Redshirt Junior RHP Steven Maxwell -- 10-1, 2.73 ERA, 77 strikeouts to 29 walks

Sophomore RHP Kyle Winkler -- 10-1, 3.14 ERA, two complete games, pitched most innings of any TCU pitcher, .243 opponent's batting average

Redshirt Senior RHP Paul Gerrish -- 1-3, 4.57 ERA, seven starts, 36 strikeouts to 15 walks but has a .323 opponent's batting average

Most used relievers:

Senior RHP Tyler Lockwood -- 6-2, 54 IP, 2.00 ERA, four saves, .230 opponent's batting average

Junior RHP Trent Appleby -- 3-1, 37 IP, 3.41 ERA, 23 strikeouts to 11 walks

Sophomore RHP Kaleb Merck -- 2-1, 24 IP, 1.12 ERA, 18 strikeouts to four walks, has allowed three earned runs in 18 appearances

Will move on if:

They avoid trouble early. The Horned Frogs' top three starters have been nearly unbeatable (32-2) this season and TCU rode them to an undefeated record in weekend series, the only team in the country to do so. Their offense can score in a variety of ways but has struggled with stranded batters at points in the season. However, for the most part this is a stong baseball team. The Frogs were in contention for a national top-eight seed before their RPI took a big hit in a home loss to lowly Air Force in mid-May.

Could be trouble if:

They lose an early game. The Horned Frogs will start their regional with a Lamar team that snuck into the tournament with a Southland tourney suprise victory. If TCU takes care of business in that game and can outplay the Arizona-Baylor winner in the next, expect the Frogs to move on to the Super Regionals. However, the Frogs don't have a reliable fourth starter. It has hurt the team's RPI, as TCU struggled in midweek games but could power its way to two out of three wins against anyone in a series. If the Frogs lose focus in an early game, as they did in bad losses to Air Force and Dallas Baptist, and have to climb in to the region's final with a fourth starter, they could have a fight in store from Baylor or Arizona.

First game: Friday, 7 p.m. vs. No. 4 Lamar

The tourney primers will continue Tuesday with Oklahoma and Texas A&M.

Tourney primer: Texas Longhorns

May, 31, 2010
video Record: 46-11, 24-6 Big 12, 7-3 last 10 games

Beat: Rice (2X: 2-1, 5-1), New Mexico (6-2), Oklahoma (Series sweep, 16-3 combined score), Texas A&M (Series sweep, 26-3), Kansas State (2x: 17-2, 6-5), Swept Stanford (Series sweep, 20-5)

Lost to: Rice (10-6), New Mexico (2x: 6-5, 3-1), Oral Roberts (3-2), Houston (1-0), Kansas State (2-1)

Key players:

Junior first baseman Tant Shepherd -- .344, 76 hits, 14 of 15 stolen base attempts, 18 doubles (leads team)

Junior catcher Cameron Rupp -- .316, 67 hits, 51 RBIs

Junior outfielder Kevin Keyes -- .302, 64 hits, 13 home runs (tied for first on team), 53 RBIs, no errors

Starting rotation:

Junior RHP Cole Green -- 10-0, 2.08 ERA, four complete games

Sophomore RHP Taylor Jungmann -- 6-3, 2.16 ERA, has pitched the most innings of any UT pitcher, 113 strikeouts to just 37 walks

Junior RHP Brandon Workman -- 11-1, 3.77 ERA, three complete games

Most used relievers:

Junior RHP Chance Ruffin -- 6-1, 0.79 ERA, 13 saves

Junior RHP Stayton Thomas -- 33.2 IP, 3.21 ERA, .271 opponents batting average

Freshman LHP Hoby Milner -- 3-1, 32 IP, 1.97 ERA, 31 strikeouts to 12 walks

Sophomore LHP Andrew McKirahan -- 22.2 IP, 2.78 ERA

Will move on if:

The Longhorns play like they did all year. Texas' bats have been fearsome all season and home runs have been the driving force behind their offense. At the same time, their starting rotation has been spectacular and cut through the Big 12 to a 24-3 regular-season conference record.

Could be trouble if:

UT shows up like it did in the Big 12 tourney. It was hard to fault the Longhorns' play all year, other than an early slip-up against New Mexico, until this week. They played lifelessly in three losses in their conference tournament to Missouri (7-3), Texas Tech (4-2) and Texas A&M (9-3). When the Horns couldn't find their big hits, they proved they are not a small-ball first team. When they combined that with mediocre to bad pitching performances, Texas looked vunerable for the first time since that NMU series many months ago. They must escape from their funk with a proper beating of inferior No. 4 seed Rider.

First game: Friday, 6:30 p.m. vs. No. 4 Rider