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Texas Tech's Adam James ends his silence

November, 9, 2011
Texas Tech receiver turned tight end Adam James, the central figure of a scandal that resulted in Red Raiders coach Mike Leach being fired, spoke to media members for the first time since 2009 this week.

Landry Locker and Trey Fallon of ESPN Dallas are joined by Chris Level of Double T 104.3 and Red Raider sports to discuss Tech's poor play since the OU upset, the upcoming game against No. 2 Oklahoma State in Lubbock and evaluate the job Tommy Tuberville has done at this point of his coaching tenure.

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"It hasn’t necessarily been as much of a challenge as it has been a learning experience," James told reporters, who conducted the interview with a member of Texas Tech staff in attendance to make sure no questions affected ongoing litigation surrounding Leach's firing.

James' father, Craig James, is an ESPN analyst. Leach is currently involved in lawsuits against Texas Tech, James and ESPN.

Saturday will be Adam James' final home game as a Red Raider, and he says he expects to be booed when he's introduced during Senior Day festivities.

"I really didn’t think about it until a couple of weeks ago when they asked me who was going to walk out there with me," James said. "One of the guys kind of cracked a joke about it and that was the first time that I thought about it."

He says he has avoided the message boards, but the noise will be unavoidable on Saturday.

"When you get 60,000 strong, it’s easy to voice your opinion. But I really have never let what people say or think about me affect me, unless it was somebody that really knew me and knew who I was," he said.

James also responded to reports that he was immature and possessed a poor work ethic early in his career.

"I would say every player as they age, they mature," he said. "And with maturity, you realize you can push yourself harder. Any player comes in not really knowing what their limits are. Some mature faster than others, so I would definitely say I’ve matured as a player, just like anybody else."

James never once considered transferring from Texas Tech, he said, and family members didn't bring up the idea.

"It would have been easy to leave and go somewhere else," he said, "but for me, I never really thought about it. I love Texas Tech. I’ve always loved it. I want to graduate from here. All my life, I want to be associated with Texas Tech."

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House Judiciary committee criticizes Tech

May, 25, 2010
At a forum on head injuries in New York City on Monday, Texas Tech was criticized for its handling of the Adam James concussion situation, citing players, assistant coaches and trainers for keeping silent.

Here's the article.

One question for Mike Leach: Why?

December, 30, 2009
In the football portion of the Texas Tech official Web site, fans can submit questions for Mike Leach to answer on his television and radio programs.

The only question that seems appropriate in the wake of the university Wednesday firing its quirky head coach whose growing arrogance, or perhaps simply egotism, seemed to be surpassing his offensive ingenuity, is: Why?

Why risk humiliation to himself and his family? Why risk the total destruction of a career? Leach, a law school graduate, is officially out at Texas Tech, the final result of a complaint alleging that Leach had mistreated little-used receiver Adam James, the son of ESPN college football analyst Craig James, after he had sustained a concussion.

Much like former Kansas coach Mark Mangino, who built up the Jayhawks program and took it to a BCS bowl only to resign after the season amid accusations that he verbally abused players, Leach's many successes at Tech will be a footnote to his controversial firing.

Why these coaches, with their multi-million-dollar contracts and legions of adoring fans, engage in self-destructive behavior, alleged or not, is inexplicable.

When Leach arrived and landed his aerial circus in Lubbock, land of 3-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust for generations, no one knew if it would work. Starting with a skinny gunslinger from New Braunfels, Kliff Kingsbury helped Leach get the Red Raiders off the ground in a big way.

A decade later, Leach's spread offense has transformed the face of Texas Tech football, and in a large degree, college football itself.

Leach's offensive prowess, seemingly always one step ahead of opposing defenses, and his peculiar personality, punctuated by rambling speeches, reveling in his outspokenness, odd quotes and a love for pirates, a storyline in particular that became a national media phenomenon, endeared him to the Texas Tech fan base.

He was one year into a $12.7 million deal that came about through its own strange twists and infighting with the administration.

Still, Leach was the king of Lubbock. So close to playing for the Big 12 title and even a national championship last season, the Red Raiders took a step back this year, but had a chance to end things on a positive note at the Alamo Bowl on Saturday against Michigan State.

Instead, the fallout from the dizzying past few days will begin in the Alamodome. Where the program and Leach go from here is anybody's guess.

The only question that comes to mind is: Why?



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