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Video: Auburn-Texas A&M preview

October, 18, 2013

Auburn faces the daunting task of trying to slow down Johnny Manziel when the Tigers face Texas A&M on Saturday.

TCU AD embraces 'imperfect system'

January, 11, 2011
TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte is quick to point out the imperfection of the BCS, but he's going to love the only college football postseason system he's got until a perfect system is presented.

No. 1 Auburn defeated No. 2 Oregon, 22-19, in the BCS National Championship on Monday night

"We're going to celebrate the fact that we won the Rose Bowl," Del Conte said Tuesday morning after TCU finished ahead of Oregon at No. 2 in the final polls. "But until they get a system that is going to be absolutely perfect so they can figure out a way to determine those things, we need to celebrate the system we currently have right now."

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Who's No. 1 after bowls: Auburn or TCU?

January, 11, 2011

So, after all is said and done and the bowl games have been played, the question still lingers:

Who's No. 1?

Auburn (14-0) beat Oregon in the BCS national title game and, of course, hoisted the crystal football as national champions. But that designation wasn't unanimous.

TCU (13-0) finished No. 2 in the final AP poll, but received three first-place votes. The Frogs also received a first-place vote in the coaches poll.

Mark Schlabach walked away from the BCS title game thinking that the system failed college football once again, and TCU had a right to feel robbed.

So what do you think? Did TCU get robbed? Who deserves to be national champions?

And in an imaginary world, after watching last night's game, who would win in the ultimate showdown between TCU and Auburn?

Does A&M in Cotton mean Arkansas is out?

November, 30, 2010
Now that Texas A&M has officially accepted a bid to the Cotton Bowl on Jan. 7, 2011 at JerryWorld, the fans of Arkansas have to wonder if they are out of the mix for a bid themselves should they not head to the Sugar Bowl.

An official with the bowl says that's not the case and that the SEC team can't be determined until after the SEC Championship game this weekend. But it sure seems unlikely the Cotton Bowl would want a rematch of a regular-season game.

If Auburn beats South Carolina and heads to the BCS Championship Game, Arkansas would likely go to the Sugar Bowl. But if Auburn loses, South Carolina goes to New Orleans and Auburn would probably go to the Orange Bowl as an at-large.

The Capital One Bowl picks before the Cotton and would have the choice between Arkansas, LSU and Alabama. So the Cotton Bowl could get a nice matchup without having to choose Arkansas. Can you imagine LSU-Texas A&M facing each other for the first time since 1995? Or Alabama-Texas A&M? I can hear all of the writers clicking Bear Bryant stories right now.

Something tells me that the Capital One Bowl, which has had LSU in the game several times the last decade, might opt for Alabama. If that happens, LSU-Texas A&M would have to thrill the Cotton Bowl officials and fill up Cowboys Stadium in a hurry.

Which SEC team do you want to see play A&M?

TCU’s Gary Patterson hoping for title shot

November, 29, 2010

FORT WORTH, Texas -- TCU coach Gary Patterson said he'd be disappointed, but understanding if his team didn't play for a national title because Auburn and Oregon were undefeated.

But what if one loses this weekend and his Horned Frogs still don't get a chance to play for the big prize?

Galloway and Company debates whether TCU made a deal with the devil when they joined the Big East.

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"I think we should be given the opportunity," Patterson said. "I'm Joe Fan and I believe that we should have the opportunity to be able to do that. That's what I've been taught. That's been the American way. We'll see how it turns out."

Patterson said he's preparing for the Rose Bowl (that's expected to be Wisconsin) and not worrying about what might or might not happen.

"There's not anything I can do about it," Patterson said. "I'm not sure whoever we play in the Rose Bowl isn't as good as anyone we could play in the national championship game. So we're going to prepare for it because I've already watched them on film and I can assure you they are as good as anyone."

Patterson said he thinks about the fact that TCU won't go undefeated every year and that he'd like to get a shot at a national championship.

"You can only do what you can control," Patterson said. "I've always been one that's defended the system. Will I be disappointed that we don't get to play for the national title? Yes. If both are undefeated, all three of us would have a case. Every one of those other two teams can say their pyramid is colored in the same as ours is and they have every right to be there."

One way Cam Newton impacts TCU in 2010

November, 11, 2010
The stories continue to trickle out about Cam Newton and his recruiting process last year. And unless the NCAA acts quickly, this may not be resolved until well after the rest of the 2010 season.

But that doesn't mean this can't still impact TCU's national title hopes (and Auburn's) in 2010. What if Auburn loses a close game to Alabama in Tuscaloosa and wins the SEC championship game in relatively impressive fashion. They'd have one loss and would be the SEC champions. In many years, that would be good enough to play for a national championship.

But with all of the controversy surrounding this, will voters actually put Auburn past an undefeated TCU team (assuming the Frogs take care of business against an underrated San Diego State team and in the season finale versus New Mexico) and into the national title game? My bet is no. I don't think Auburn will get any benefit of the doubt on that cause. And I'm not sure they should either way. But before all of this came down, I could see voters going with a one-loss SEC team. I can't see that now. Can you?

What do you think?