Darrell Royal: Paterno one of the outstanding coaches of all time

Joe Paterno's Legacy

Jeremy Schaap on the life and legacy of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.

Former Texas football coach and athletic director Darrell Royal on the passing of former Penn State coach Joe Paterno, who died Sunday:

"What I remember about our days when we were both coaching is that Joe was very honest, he was a heckuva a coach, and he was one of the outstanding coaches of all time. You can't say that about every coach, but you darn sure can say that about Joe Paterno. He meant a lot to the game, and he meant a lot to me. He was a solid person, and a solid friend."

Royal and Paterno faced each other only once, 41 years ago, after the 1971 season in the 1972 Cotton Bowl Classic. Penn State won, 30-6.