Keith Ford's father opens up about son's suspension

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops announced Monday that junior running back Keith Ford had been suspended indefinitely for academic and team rules violations.

Ford's parents responded Tuesday, issuing a statement that their son's issues meeting academic and team rules were a result of his never recovering physically and mentally from a foot injury he suffered early last season.

The Tulsa World's Guerin Emig got Ford's father on the phone for further explanation.

"We believe he never recovered psychologically from his injury," Ford's dad told Emig. Ford's dad added that the injury led to uncharacteristic "behavior that impacts timeliness to class and participation in team activities."

Despite the suspension, Ford has no plans to transfer at the moment, according to his dad, who added that Stoops and the school are giving Ford the support he needs.

You can read the rest of Emig's Q&A here.

Sometimes we can forget that players are people, too, and they often deal with issues that other college students endure. Here's hoping that Ford gets the help he needs and gets back on track on and off the field.