Twitter mailbag: Any worry at corner, running back?


IRVING, Texas -- Part 2 of the Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

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Away we go:

@toddarcher: Since Jason Garrett hates that word, I'm going to say no, they're not worried. If you're asking me if I would be worried, I would say only a little bit. I've been on the Joseph Randle bandwagon since the spring. I think he will be fine. I don't understand why the Cowboys have dealt with Darren McFadden with kid gloves. He needs to play and show what he can do. He doesn't have a track record to suggest he is ready for the best season of his career. But I think he'll be OK too provided Randle works out the way I believe. At corner, this is a hard one because Orlando Scandrick might have been their most important player. Morris Claiborne is a mystery. I think Tyler Patmon has ability but neither of these guys has played at the level of Scandrick. But when I think of the improvement I've seen in the pass-rush, I think the Cowboys will be able to cope at cornerback as well.

@toddarcher: I think the defensive line will be their biggest area of improvement. Greg Hardy will miss four games -- maybe -- and that will hurt but the Cowboys are much better at this spot and Randy Gregory is a big reason why. I hate to say this for fear of it biting me when it doesn't happen but I can see him being the defensive rookie of the year. There, I said it. He might have been the Cowboys' best defensive player from the first day of camp through the last day. I hate to get caught up in what Gregory did in camp because I haven't seen too many other teams at all, but the Cowboys have hit on a player. And if he struggles as a rookie, forget everything I just said.

@toddarcher: Last year Terrance Williams' catches and yards went down from his rookie year, but his touchdowns went up. With how the Cowboys want to play (run the ball) and who they have to throw the ball to (Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Cole Beasley) it's hard to see a huge spike in Williams' stats. I can see him in the 45-catch range for 775 yards and right around eight touchdowns again. He has talent. He can run all day. He has a good feel for when things break down. But I don't know if he will be a featured part of the offense just because of the way the unit is constructed.

@toddarcher: This is a great question. I think you could see the Cowboys look into the market and see what's out there but there aren't a lot of viable linemen available. Darrion Weems continues to have the inside track for the job and was better against San Francisco than he was against San Diego. He remains a projection the way Jermey Parnell was a projection when the Cowboys kept him as the swing tackle. Teams don't let tackles walk, so the chances of the Cowboys finding a veteran with a quality resume available after the final cuts is slim. I can see them taking a look around but realizing the time they spent in developing Weems, he is a better option than finding somebody they don't know that well.

@toddarcher: Why not? I believe quickness is one of the top traits a punt returner needs. He has that. Once a returner breaks that initial line of coverage, anything can happen. Dwayne Harris didn't have Beasley's quickness, but his size allowed him to run through tacklers. I don't see Beasley doing that but he can break some long punts and be more than just a "punt catcher." Will he lead the league? I don't see it, but he will be valuable.