Cowboys' week in review: Never a dull moment

Hardy involved in verbal altercation with teammate

The NFL Insiders crew looks at what Greg Hardy's verbal altercation with Davon Coleman says about Hardy, who faces a 10-game suspension.

IRVING, Texas -- It is never quiet around the Dallas Cowboys. Ever.

This week was a great example.

The NFL suspended Greg Hardy for 10 games. Hardy had a dust-up with a teammate on the field. The schedule was announced, and we offered up some (ahem) predictions. We have a tentative start to the training camp plan. The offseason program began and Dez Bryant was not in attendance, which wasn’t a surprise, but Orlando Scandrick also was missing, which was a bit of a surprise.

Tony Romo “guaranteed” a Super Bowl, although not really. The Cowboys concluded their pre-draft visits by bringing in Dorial Green-Beckham.

But there wasn’t really anything new on the Adrian Peterson front. Maybe that happens next week.

Let’s take a look back at the Cowboys’ week:

Hardy’s suspension was not a surprise to the Cowboys, but the length of it caught some inside Valley Ranch off guard. Hardy will appeal the decision, but there is no timetable on when it will be heard. With the suspension not taking effect until the first week of the season, there does not seem to be a rush even if Hardy and the Cowboys would like to have an answer sooner rather than later.

• The loss of Hardy for however long the suspension turns out to be will not change the Cowboys’ draft plans. Why? Defensive end was already at or near the top of the team’s needs list. While they don’t look to be in a position to get a pass rusher in the first round, that doesn’t mean they can’t find a guy who can help in 2015 and beyond. Also, Hardy is on a one-year deal and Jeremy Mincey and Jack Crawford will be free agents after this season too.

• What are the cap ramifications of Hardy’s suspension? It’s all addressed here.

• Arguments between players happen all the time. Most of the time it stays behind closed doors. Amazingly the argument between Hardy and Davon Coleman didn’t. It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s made bigger because of the news surrounding Hardy. This sort of thing will surround the Cowboys all year.

• At first blush the Cowboys’ schedule didn’t look too bad. The Hardy suspension will hurt, but the Cowboys went 12-4 last year without a double-digit sack leader. But in taking a closer look at the schedule, some of the Cowboys’ best foes might have a bit of an advantage going into their meetings with Dallas.

• Take it to the bank: The Cowboys will go 11-5. Or not. We were asked to make predictions on the schedule, which can be a funny deal. I came up with 11-5.

• Orlando Scandrick didn’t take part in the first week of the conditioning program and it could end up costing him $500,000. He wants a new deal and he has a point. He is set to make $1.5 million this year, which is less than what Lance Dunbar and Chris Jones could make this year on their base salaries.

• Do you want to go to training camp? Don’t book your travel for July. The good stuff will happen in August.

• The Cowboys wrapped up their draft visits and were able to meet with mercurial receiver Dorial Green-Beckham. Do I think he will be their guy at No. 27? Not really, but what about No. 60 in the second round? That would be an interesting discussion.