Newman: Marshall should have been flagged

Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman complained about the officiating on Brandon Marshall's game-winning 51-yard touchdown.

Newman believed that Marshall should have been flagged for grabbing his jersey near the line of scrimmage. A replay showed that Marshall used his right hand to give a quick tug of Newman's left shoulder, allowing Marshall to get a good release on the route up the right sideline.

"You can put that on any clip in the NFL," Newman said. "It didn't get called, so they score and they win."

Newman recovered to get in good position to defend the throw lofted to the 32-yard line, but Marshall soared over him to snatch the pass and made a few Cowboys miss during a spectacular run into the end zone.

"I thought I did a good job on him all day," Newman said of Marshall, who finished with four catches for 91 yards. "If he didn't grab my jersey, the ball is going the other way, I can guarantee you."