Norv Turner vs. Wade Phillips on December

The Chargers and Cowboys face each other in two weeks, and how each team approaches the end of the season is a sharp contrast as to why they’ve been on opposite ends of the postseason spectrum.

San Diego, under Norv Turner, is 9-0 in December the last two years with at least one AFC title game appearance and three playoffs wins.

Dallas, under Wade Phillips during the same time span, is 3-5 with one playoff appearance -- a loss.

Phillips said you take the games in December one at a time.

When asked about trying to get off to a good start in December by beating the Giants on Sunday, he said: “We’re playing in December? I know its Sunday. It will be a good start on Sundays.”

Turner said you have to divide a season into quarters, and this final one is the biggest.

“Seasons are broken up into different segments,” Turner said. “There is a period in the middle where there is a mindset of, ‘Hey, we’ve just got to get done what we can get done to make sure we’re in position to do what we need to do in December.’ I think there is a little bit of that mentality, but I think the closer you get and you understand that you’re playing for an opportunity to continue to play, the sense of urgency heightens.”

In Phillips’ defense, somewhat, he has spoken to his group about playing in December. He tells them to forget about the past.

What about embracing it and going forward.