Tuck's a 'nobody' and Adams is a 'coward'

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The feud between left tackle Flozell Adams and defensive end Justin Tuck moved right along on Sunday.

At the end of the first half of Sunday's Cowboys-Giants game, Adams and Tuck got into a verbal exchange that forced the referees to flag Adams for a personal foul.

After the game, Tuck went on a verbal assault of Adams.

"I laugh at stuff like that," Tuck said. "It just just proves what kind of dirtbag he is."

When asked what happened at the end of the first half, Tuck said, "They blew the ball dead and I was headed toward the sidelines and pretty much had stopped. And somebody shoved me to the ground from the back and before I could get up he was engulfing our sideline. So I didn't get to sneak in any cheap shots in."

There's more. "It takes a coward and some more words that I can't say to push a guy in the back when the play is dead."

In the Cowboys locker room, Adams had this comment about Tuck: "I ain't talking about him. He's a nobody."

The battle between the two started in Week 2 when Adams kicked Tuck in the knee on a pass rush play. Tuck fell down and injured his shoulder on the play and didn't return. Adams was fined by the league for the kicking penalty.

Tuck called Adams bush league for the move and several of his teammates thought Adams was a dirty player.

Adams said he didn't see Tuck get kicked and said he should have stayed on his feet.

These two won't meet again the rest of the year, unless of course its in the playoffs.