News and views from Wade Phillips

IRVING -- Friday is an early day at Valley Ranch and Wade Phillips announced that tight end Martellus Bennett and safety Ken Hamlin won't play on Sunday against the Chargers.

Now, John Phillips and Deon Anderson will see a little more time as blockers on Sunday. Also, Phillips noted that tight end Scott Chandler, will not get called up from the practice squad.

The team, however, could move linebacker Jason Williams to the game-day roster. Williams missed the first four games of the season recovering from an ankle injury. He has played in only two games this season.

Williams, the Cowboys' first draft pick of 2009 in the third round, has struggled to get on the field. If he does play Sunday, it will be mainly on special teams.

"He's learning to be a pro and I think that takes a while for some guys," Phillips said of Williams. "He's learned to work in practice and make plays in practice that can carry over to him being able to play. He's played a lot of scout team work but he's played with our defense also."

Chargers tight end Antonio Gates is one of the best in the business. He's an athletic threat that can beat defenses with short and deep routes. Phillips said it's almost like covering a wide receiver.

"In some cases we do in some personnel groups," Phillips said regarding covering Gates as a wideout.

Phillips said he wasn't sure if the stadium roof would be open on Sunday.