Eagles coach: Romo benefits from departure of distractions

IRVING, Texas -- Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid has an interesting theory regarding Tony Romo's growth as a leader this season.

"It's obvious he's a leader of the offense," Reid said in a conference call with Valley Ranch media. "Not that he wasn't before, but there were a couple of distractions there and he doesn't have any of that. He's playing great football."

Hmmm ... what could Reid possibily be referring to?

Reid doesn't seem like the kind of guy who reads gossip magazines, so it's probably not Romo's ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson who is on his mind.

However, Reid has first-hand experience of the foul odor a fella with the initials T.O. can cause with the locker room. You think that might be the source of those distractions?

"I think it was that hole in the dome," Reid said, referring to the famous Texas Stadium roof and presumably plugging his tongue in cheek.