Metrodome motivates Vikings?

IRVING, Texas -- Jerry Jones declared at the beginning of training camp that his $1.2 billion palace would provide motivation for the Cowboys.

The Vikings apparently feel the same way about the Metrodome, which isn't exactly considered a modern architectural marvel.

"They got their big, old stadium," Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe told reporters in Minnesota. "But now they're coming to the 'hood. We don't have all that crap. We're old school. We crank our windows by hand. That's how old school we are. You want the windows down, you do it by hand.

"It doesn't matter how many people are on your bandwagon. You still got to play the next game. It ain't going to be no walk in the park for them, I'll tell you that.

"That's the suburbs down there. This is the 'hood."

The Vikings are 8-0 in "the 'hood" this season, winning their last five home games by double figures.

Of course, the Superdome was a pretty tough place to play this season before the Cowboys arrived in New Orleans.