Vikes' December does worry Favre

IRVING, Texas -- Here's one more thing Brett Favre and Brad Childress don't agree about: whether the Vikings' December downturn is a significant concern.

Childress dismissed a question about Minnesota's 1-3 record last month during a conference call with the Valley Ranch media.

Favre acknowledged that the Vikings' late-season fade was a significant concern ... and fill up notebooks with his elaboration.

"Well, I hope we can [overcome it]," Favre said. "From the outside looking in, if you had to look at both teams, us and the Cowboys, you’d go, OK, aside from the fact that the Cowboys are playing at the Vikings, who is the hottest team right now? Well, I mean, no duh. The Cowboys are.

"In all phases, they are playing great. Their defense is playing outstanding. They are peaking at the right time, if you will.

"The last game for us was a good game, fortunately. I was asked the question after that game, does this make you feel better? It definitely beats the alternative. It did give us a little confidence. We do, or will have to play like we did in that game, or like we had played throughout the season up until those last few games. We have to play that way in order to win this game.

"I mean, this is the playoffs. Rarely can you play badly or average and win. So we are aware of how we need to play. In the fact, that we are playing maybe, in my opinion, the hottest team in football right now. Just from a confidence level, from just watching them play, they are making plays, they know they are making plays, they are confident. ...

"You can see it, you can feel it. They just had that air about them that they couldn’t be beaten. So Dallas is playing like that right now. They are feeling it.

"We needed a game like that [season-ending win over Giants]. Would we have loved to have won those other games and go in without a care in the world? Sure. But it was a wake-up call and hopefully we answered."