Sensabaugh displays confidence

IRVING, Texas -- Vikings quarterback Brett Favre told reporters in Minnesota that it'd be a "shock" if he isn't preparing for the NFC championship game next week.

Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh responded with similar swagger.

"We'd have to beat ourselves to lose," Sensabaugh said. "The way we're playing right now, I don't think we can be beat."

Sensabaugh is showing the same confidence that Roy Williams expressed before the Cowboys' trip to New Orleans.

Williams' statement that the Cowboys "should be victorious" if they showed up at the Superdome raised a lot of eyebrows. Then the Cowboys backed it up. (Not that Williams made much of a contribution, but that's beside the point.) This team has carried itself with a certain strut since then.

Perhaps the Favre-Sensabaugh exchange could be considered bulletin-board material.

Really, though, does anybody need extra motivational fodder for a divisional playoff game?