Vikings' Allen: Sieze momentum early

To Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, the Cowboys’ four-game winning streak has proven nothing except that they are front-runners. With Tony Romo emphasizing the opening possession, the Cowboys have scored first and never trailed during their winning streak.

The Vikings intend to change that. “The key is to put them back where they were when everybody was talking bad about them,’’ Allen said.

The Vikings’ goal, Allen said, is to seize the early momentum, keep the crowd in the game, test the Cowboys’ for, put the Cowboys behind the 8-ball, test their fortitude and see what kind of team they’re really going to be.

Romo knows it will be challenging in the deafening noise to play from behind against a defense that led the NFL in sacks during the regular season. I expect Romo to take the approach he did in the Cowboys’ upset of the then-undefeated Saints in the

Superdome. Romo focused intently and tried to execute the first possession like a last-minute drive to win a game.