Sensabaugh doesn't have much to say

MINNEAPOLIS -- Gerald Sensabaugh made headlines this week by saying that the only way the Dallas Cowboys could lose was to beat themselves.

He wasn't so talkative after the Cowboys' season ended with a 34-3 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

"[Expletive], we lost," Sensabaugh said. "I don't know what to tell you."

If the Vikings considered Sensabaugh's comments this week bulletin-board material, then their first touchdown had to have been especially satisfying. With Sensabaugh on his hip, Sidney Rice caught a pinpoint pass from Brett Favre for a 47-yard score.

Sensabaugh said he never saw the ball.

"I didn’t even know he caught it," Sensabaugh said. "He made a good play."

The Vikings made a lot of good plays Sunday. The Cowboys didn't make very many. This certainly wasn't a case of a team beating itself.