Cowboys fan gets searched in Philly

If you follow the Cowboys long enough, either as a fan or beat writer, you realize there are fans everywhere.

But Alyson Galen, a Philadelphia native, who is married mother of three boys, is a big Cowboys fan. On her way to Florida, she claims she was stopped at the Philadelphia International Airport because of what she was wearing.

Galen wore a Jason Witten jersey on her trip and was stopped by TSA officials at the airport screening.

"It was kinda of embarrassing," Galen told a Philadelphia area television station.

A TSA security guard quipped that Galen was being searched for wearing the jersey. Galen didn't think it was funny. Galen believes if you're going to search people do it for the right reasons and not because of a jersey.

TSA officials told the TV station if a traveler has a problem with being searched they should contact a supervisor on the spot. Galen didn't file a formal complaint.