Boys won't make early splash in free agency

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Dallas Cowboys don't have any intention of making an early splash in the unrestricted free agent market.

As one of the final eight teams, the Cowboys can only sign one high-priced (salary of $5.5 million or more) unrestricted free agent. Executive vice president Stephen Jones said the team would be opportunistic, but they wouldn't pursue any big names once the market opens March 5.

"I'm not saying we won’t be in the unrestricted market," Jones said. "I mean, if we find the right situation that presented itself and thought it was a value, then we would look at it."

The Cowboys only have one unrestricted free agent, reserve offensive guard Montrae Holland. The roster of last season's NFC East champions won't look a whole lot different in 2010.

"It was definitely by design," Jones said. "We signed these guys and we worked hard to do it. We had our shopping spree, but early. It was our guys. The good news is in most cases -- not all of them -- we made good decisions and tied up the right guy."