Split opinions on Donovan McNabb deal

Had a chat with Tim MacMahon, our ESPN Dallas blogger, and a Cowboys scout, and this is our quick opinion on the Philadelphia Eagles sending Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins on Sunday night.

Tim: "I think it makes the NFC East tougher for the Cowboys. The one weak link now has a legit quarterback, and Kevin Kolb will be just fine for the Eagles. Kolb will be for Philly like Aaron Rodgers will be for Green Bay when Brett Favre retired."

Calvin: "It makes the Eagles weaker and the Redskins older. McNabb doesn't have anybody to throw to in D.C., much like it was in Philly all those years. If he stayed in Philly he had Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. The Redskins have some old running backs and some unproven wide receivers. At least the Redskins didn't give up a first rounder."

Cowboys scout on the trade: "Hard to tell right now. It's a new coach, but McNabb has the tools that John Elway had when he won Super Bowls in Denver. More experience and some big wide receivers with a coach that likes to run the ball might help them."