Schefter: WR Marshall would be a great fit

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter discusses the Cowboys' interest in receiver Brandon Marshall on his Insider blog. Here's a snippet:

Q: Why wouldn't the Dallas Cowboys make a move for Brandon Marshall? He's one of the top receivers in the game, and only 26 years old. If they don't believe in Roy Williams, which it doesn't look like they do, they need that number-one receiver next to the very dangerous Miles Austin. They would make the perfect receiver combination. -- Adam (Grand Haven, Mich.)

A: Can't argue with you there, Adam. Marshall would be a great fit in Dallas. My hunch is that by trading so much for Williams, and paying him so much, the Cowboys are leery about doing it again for another wide receiver, especially when they know they have to pay Austin. So there's a lot there to digest. But there could be a huge payoff if the Cowboys decided Marshall were worth their first-round pick.