Free hasn't made much of an impression on Ware

Jerry Jones apparently didn't consult DeMarcus Ware before cutting Flozell Adams and appointing Doug Free as the starting left tackle.

In fact, Ware apparently doesn't know that the job is Free's now.

"We’ve got to go and draft and guy or even get [Adams] back, because I mean, if you can’t protect a quarterback’s back, you’re going to have problems," Ware said during his interview with the NFL Live crew last night.

Ware, who brought up the subject when asked about the lack of free agency movement at Valley Ranch, never even mentioned Free's name.

It's not as if Ware isn't familiar with Free. He's been competing against him in practice every day for the last three years.

Jerry, whose track record evaluating offensive linemen is spotty, has complete confidence that Free can handle the job after the young tackle's solid seven-game stint as a starter on the right side last season. That confidence apparently isn't shared by Ware.