LB Lee loves the individual attention

IRVING, Texas -- Wade Phillips joked that Sean Lee looked like a boxer with an entourage during rookie minicamp workouts.

Lee is the only linebacker out there, but he isn't lonely. He has linebackers coach Reggie Herring and defensive assistant Bobby King, who took over from Dat Nguyen, watching his every move. And the Cowboys' athletic training staff has given Lee a lot of attention this weekend as they try to find a knee brace that he likes.

Although Lee would rather ditch the knee brace, the second-round pick is loving every second of it.

"It forces you to concentrate and be on edge all the time and be ready to go," said Lee, a football junkie who spends quality time with his playbook before bed every night. "As a rookie, as a young guy who wants to learn, I think it's the best situation."

Lee hasn't participated in the competitive pass coverage drills as a precautionary measure, because he's still waiting to get a knee brace that feels right. (His old brace from Penn State was shipped to Valley Ranch, but he said it no longer fit because his leg has gotten bigger while working out without a brace since football season.)

Herring, however, has seen enough to reinforce the belief that the guy the Cowboys had No. 14 overall on their draft board was a steal.

"He’s like a magnet, just sucking in information," Herring said. "He wants to learn. He gets upset when he doesn’t do things right. It bothers him when he does things wrong, and it’s very obvious.

"That’s where it all starts. Do you care? Are you committed? Are you consistent? Guys like that usually are consistent."